One of the best pay porn site of all times with intimate lesbian scenes. Both photo galleries and videos are in HD and it seems like there is a veil on the lenses to make every scene softer.

The videos are various and they inlcude couples or groups of lesbians busy messing around with their bodies, exploring them to get real orgasms. There are more than 500 movies characterised by two different atmosphere: the romantic and the festive mood.

For the romantic sex scenes, there’s a proper invitation to try a lesbo experience. They seem porn movies shot for a female audience; they start caressing and slowly undressing each other and this gives the idea of a serene act. The gestures are not sudden, there’s no pressure in their eyes and their only aim is to open Pandora’s box where they were hiding their desire of a lesbian intercourse.

The bodies are long caressed, the thighs rub one to the other, the mouths cover the partner’s body sticking out the tongue just for a few seconds to titillate an ear, neck, nipples, between the legs.. until it reaches the pussy, which gets carefully licked, bitten and fingered following the movements of a body that just can’t stay still, together with the moan of pleasure of a girlfriend who had no idea of how deep could a saffic lust be.

Then, there are the “funnier” videos offered by All Hot Lesbians. The location is still domestic, but it’s more like a party, an afternoon spent among girls having good time. While the romantic videos show naive but conscious lesbians, here we find shameless girls, who start getting undressed while laughing, maybe playing some game and they end mixing their tongues and putting hands in panties.

Even the outfit, which in the previous videos was made of cotton socks, classic lingerie and modest dresses, now become sexier and provocative. We see stunning European models taking off their thongs, hold-ups and lace lingerie in a way they could make even a country priest horny. They use huge dildos, vibrators and pleasure balls, all sex toys used both in vagina and for anal penetrations.

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