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What Andi Love Offers


Andi Love is an iron girl with snow white skin bedecked with beautiful and expressive marks in the form of tattoos. She has jet black hair that highly flatters her beautiful face. For someone who has the body curves in the right places, you’d be surprised she only weights about 123 lbs. She’s pretty tall, standing in a staggering 5 feet 6 inches. The profile in her site tour also states that her major turn on are people who are real and she is majorly turned off when it comes to pretty boys. She explains that what girls need the most is make up, which speaks a whole lot since this brown eyed, foxy lady is as attractive as attractive can get. For Andi, she’s a genuine and legitimate insurgent, who “doesn’t take crap from anybody”. She also says that she will always remain true and honest towards herself and to those she loves (which is a rather unnecessary statement when it comes to porn, to be quite honest).

This girl, who is actually based in Europe, claims that she loves nothing more but to get naked and play, with a little bit of teasing to get her audience in the mood. Andi herself is a real doll, as she dresses up in different costumes to heighten the pleasure she gives out. Her videos are mostly of her talking, posing, and masturbating. Andi Love is stringently and factually of exclusive content and most of the things, besides the tour, can only be accessed once you become a member. Andi, can be torn in between being a punk and a goth, all the while being suggestive and lewd in the process. Her voluptuous body is every man’s dream and her salacious and impassioned kink of playing with herself leaves quite an impression to everyone. As she talks to her assembly of viewers, she makes sure she gives the right body language, exciting and intriguing them with her breathtaking and provocative way of sexual assertion. Andi may be companionless in her own porn site but that does not mean she doesn’t enjoy the solitary setting she is putting herself and the viewers in. As slutty as she may seem, you’d be surprised that she looks unattached.

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Design and Features

Andi Love has a total of 44 videos since launching in July 2009 up to the present. Along with the 44 videos in the site, there are around 25 photo sets as well, containing about 60 to 90 photos each. The photos inside the galleries are mostly in high resolution, “mostly” because I noticed some photos were in fact, blurry, but that’s just the minority so it doesn’t serve as a threat to photo quality. They can be viewed online or they can be downloaded in zip files. For the videos, it is possible to view them by streaming via the embedded Flash player found in their website.

Buying an Andi Love membership you’ll have free access to a porn network icluding over 207751 videos, 25588839 pictures and 5000 DVD titles.
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Girls and Videos

Andi Love isn’t your typical brunette pornstar. Sure, she seems like your everyday amateur actress, but that’s not all. Despite having the “amateur” tag hanging below her neck, she makes sure she delivers an erotic enough video of herself. There is a lack of a second or third person or party but that doesn’t stop our punk heroine from riding that Sybian and pleasuring herself right in front of the camera. Andi really knows how to make herself and her viewers happy and horny. As she gets naked and works her way to relish the enjoyment and gratification of making herself feel good, I began to think that being a soloist in the world of porn is not that bad at all.


Andi Love is one of the most beautiful girls I’ve seen. She’s exactly the type that would go wild in bed or everywhere. The bonus content included in the membershp makes Andi Love quite formidable as you get access to many other females and videos.

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