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What Boys First Time offers you


Do you remember your first time? There’s always something special about your first time with a guy – whether you’ve been lusting after cock for years, or whether you’re just a bit curious and want to give it a try, your first time can be private and intimate, or you can share it with the entire world like these guys. Boys First Time is a premium gay pornsite that is chock full of amateur videos – all documenting the intense anticipation and pleasure as guys explore each others’ bodies and release their desires for the first time.

There is quite a range of guys featured on the Boys First Time site – generally they are fairly every-day looking kind of guys, the sort of guys that you might have been at college with, your co-workers, your neighbors. Fit, attractive guys – the kind that you want to see naked, the kind that you want to see having sex.

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Design & Features

The website delivers you access to a lot of amateur videos for your enjoyment – literally an endless supply of good looking guys experiencing their first taste of man on man sex. Looking for a bit of quality alone time? Then this is the kind of site that you can scroll through the options until you find what you like, or what you need to get you off.

You have to have signed up to one of the membership options in order to access the content on the Boys First Time site. There are two types of membership subscriptions available:

  • Two days: $1.00
  • One month: $17.99

This is a fairly specialist kind of niche so that seems fairly good value for access to some quality amateur porn action.

Boys & Videos

There’s something intriguing about watching another guy experience gay sex for the first time. It brings a lot of memories flooding back as you relive your own first encounters. The nervousness, the apprehension, the overwhelming thrill that finally – this is actually happening.

There’s also a great range of locations used for the different videos featured on this site – whether it’s outdoors, in bedrooms, in nightclubs, or saunas, wherever you can imagine two guys getting it on for the first time then Boys First Time has a video that will let you experience that fantasy first hand. My first time was actually on a trampoline, sleeping out under the stars at my best friend’s house. I was clumsy, inexperienced, and a little prematurely excited, but it was the most amazing experience and it will live with me forever. I couldn’t find any trampoline scenarios on the site but there were plenty of other options that ticked my boxes.

I’m particularly fond of any fantasy that involves a gay sauna – I’m always surprised by how many guys have their first man-on-man experience in a sauna, I would have found that fairly intimidating, but I guess there’s something about the anonymity of it all that has a certain appeal. Plus we’ve all got a bit of an exhibitionist tendency within us somewhere – there is definitely times when I just love having an audience.

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This type of amateur video has a realness that enables you to feel like you could be a part of these scenarios. Sure the camera work can be a bit shaky, and the sound quality is sometimes a bit variable, but that adds to the excitement, the voyeuristic appeal of the whole thing. If you like watching hot athletic guys experimenting with each other and getting their first taste of man-on-man action, then Boys First Time is a site definitely worth checking out.

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