Let’s face it, most porn out there is pretty damn fake and it’s obvious. If you’ve been watching porn for a long time you have probably become fed up with it by this point and are ready to stop watching it altogether. However, there are very few options for people that are looking for a more realistic style of porn. If you are into the kind of porn that normal people are into, you probably would want something that is more realistic, something that feels like it is actually part of the real world.
Naturally, most people, tend to turn to amateur porn when they are trying to find porn that is a little more like real life. The problem here is that there isn’t a lot of good amateur porn out there. Most amateur porn is just regular porn shot with lower quality cameras, resulting in an experience that is just not satisfying for the average porn viewer because it’s just as fake as mainstream porn.

CheckOutMyChick is one of those sites that tries to make this situation a little bit better. When you start using this site you are going to notice something very different about it, and that is that none of the girls on the site are porn stars. Instead of porn stars, you get real girls that don’t really know what’s happening, that don’t know that they are part of a porno at all.
This site is a great experience for people that are looking for something that’s a little more realistic, and it’s certainly going to make those of you that want something separate from mainstream porn. The design and layout of the site and girls in the videos are discussed below.

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Design and Features

Design and layout of a site really matters while creating it, and when you go to CheckOutMyChick you are going to want a layout that reflects the voyeuristic nature of the porn that you are about to watch. This site certainly does a very good job at making porn that is of the highest quality you can imagine, but what really goes in its favour is the fact that it’s been laid out so well.
Primarily, the colour scheme does a good job at elevating the experience you have on this site. All in all, the colours used here are mostly pink or shades of pink. This is important because pink is a different colour from what porn sites generally use, as pink is not a very dirty colour at all. No, pink is a very cute colour in fact, and is the sort of colour that denotes innocence as well. The girls you are watching on this site are, well, just normal girls, and there is no reason that the colour scheme should not reflect this fact as well.

The pink colour scheme creates the ambience of a playground. It makes you feel like you are in a separate world where anything goes, where these girls, that have been recorded without them really knowing it, are your playthings and you can do whatever you want to them. It is exciting to be on this porn site because the layout really adds to the realism that it is trying to promote, which is something that a lot of sites simply fail to do, for some reason.
The layout of the site also reflects a very laid back vibe, which will make it easier for you to browse through the videos themselves and choose a girl that you feel would help you jerk off to your highest potential.
The less said about the price the better, for it is very obvious that the site is very cheap and is never going to pinch your pocket. Additionally, you get access to 36 other sites in the Crazy Porn Pass network. With recurring and non-recurring membership deals to suit your budget, you are truly pampered for choice. However, the 90 day membership will ensure that you save your hard-earned money in the long run.

Girls and videos

It is very obvious, upon opening the site, that none of the girls here are porn stars. This is because none of them have that porn star look. They are real girls from real houses with real lives, and their bodies certainly show it. You see the cutest perky and sexy boobs here, a little bit of neo-fat here and there that just makes them seem cuter and realer. All in all, the girls on this site have clearly been chosen because they have the ability to reel you in and make you stay there. They look like the normal girls you would see in your everyday life, and are willing to please you in pretty much any single way.
The anal videos are, perhaps, one of the best things about this site. This is because you see genuine reactions from girls while they are experiencing the intense sensation of a cock up their ass. In spite of the fact that there is a lot of amateur porn out there that is fake, this site right here provides you with real content, real amateur porn, and nothing is hotter than watching a video of a girl taking it up the ass for the very first time and seeing that she is shocked by how it feels.
The orgasms on the site are completely real as well, and sometimes you even have videos in which the girl is just lying there and taking it for her man because she wants to please him. This is important because when you start watching these videos you want to feel like you are watching a girl that could very well be your neighbour or your colleague at work. With some of the sexiest girls in the world of amateur porn, CheckOutMyChick does a great job at creating a porn library that is exciting and realistic.

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In conclusion, this site is probably the very best pay porn site with amateur content that you can get in our selection. You will see some of the most genuine reactions that can be attained in porn videos, as all of the videos here seem to involve girls that did not even know that they were being filmed. As a result, they are able to give realistic performances which will make you feel like you are actually fucking them. Subscribing to this site would be a great investment.

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