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What if we told you that there is a website out there which mostly showcases solo acts in their videos? How about if we tell you that these websites have no men in them? All of the women on this website are just some sexy, really sexy women of the porn industry. And not just that, they will go down and dirty and go to any extent to ensure that you are having a good time. Well then, guess what! We have got some good news to you. Presenting to you a pay porn website that exclusively features videos of women pleasuring themselves or helping others pleasure themselves, In Focus Girls is your good old trusted porn site with the best porn videos you could ever find.

What is In Focus Girls’ unique selling proposition? From the websites name, which is very self explanatory, In Focus Girls exclusively show cases videos on their website with solo acts or women helping other women get off. Yes, you are assuming right. No men on this website. No more will you have to stare at a cock. It is all about the pussies and tits on In Focus Girls. And let us talk about these pussies and tits. These are some premium ones you will find across any porn website. What In Focus Girls has in their arsenal is just mind blowing. Not only do they have all kinds of girls, but also these girls are fucking hot and would make you jizz pretty much instantly.

All of these videos on In Focus Girls start the same way. They begin with the women pleasuring themselves very gently. And then these women turn up the heat, making it really hot and steamy and really go crazy and wild with themselves. While some do this to themselves, others also help other women get off. If sex toys, some really deep fisting, pissing are all your fetishes, then you will hit the jackpot once you reach this website. Go, check In Focus Girls out yourself to see what we are talking about.

Design and Features

The color pink is the first thing that will pop out the moment you step into this website. They have used an amazing color scheme of pink and white. These two colors are classic and really blend in effortlessly. They make the content on this website really accentuate. The look of this website is really fresh, it is clean and is very easy on the eyes. The website in itself is very trendy and also very cute. The makers of this website have put in some serious time and effort into building this website. It is very evident the moment you step on it.

In Focus Girls has quite a decent user interface. It is extremely easy to use and the website is not overwhelming at all. There is no clutter on any other pages. It is clean which will leave you to want to browse more. Now about the tour page of this website. What we fell in love with was the really sexy blonde woman showing off her ass to us while lying down on a beach chair. They begin the website with the best itself. Below that are links taking to different parts of the website. What really made us interested in the layout was when we saw that the videos are categorically placed in sections. So, say for example, if you are into some pussy stuffing videos, you will find them in a section specifically for it. So is the case for every particular fetish. We liked this because it saves up on a lot of time when you are browsing for something very specific. It makes searching a whole lot easier. In addition, when you scroll below you will also find a list of all the hot and top models that this website has to offer.

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Girls and Videos

We can assure that you will fall in love with all the hot girls that In Focus Girls has got to offer. These girls are just drop dead gorgeous. They have the juiciest of milk jugs, asses that you would want to keep spanking real hard and pussies that you would want to give a taste of. In Focus Girls has possibly got the best of the best porn models that the porn industry has got to offer. But not just are these women all hot and sexy, but even the fetishes that they are into are super sexy and will make you turn on instantly. They have got all different kinds of fetish, one for example is anal action. These girls will stuff more than one dildo in their ass to pleasure themselves. Because when is one ever enough. And there are several more of these videos you will find.

You will feel like you have hit the jackpot, when you see what this site to offer. At In Focus Girls, these guys boast over 1200 galleries as well as over 1200 videos. As you know, the site is about ten years old, they have an endless archive of porn videos and images. You will only be viewing all of this content for a very long-long time if you open up their archives to take a look. In Focus Girls pictures are shown off in many different resolutions. There is either 800 x 533, or 1200 x 800, or even 2000 x 1333. The galleries on In Focus Girls can also be downloaded. These galleries can be downloaded from the website in a zip format. At In Focus Girls, you also get to download videos in multiple formats. You have a choice between WMV and MP4. A lot of these videos are in High Definition. You are allowed stream the videos directly using Flash player. They too have full High Definition videos in MP4 format. You can watch them at 1280 x 720 at a 4 Mbit. So, crystal clear porn for you. And also, a lot of these videos can also be watched at 640×480.

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In conclusion, all we have to say is that, with the line up of girls and the quality of the content this website has got to offer, you will not find anything like this anywhere on the internet. And what makes it even more attractive are their really low prices to subscribe. That’s good enough reason to subscribe. So, go and do it now!

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