Plenty of Dicks Review

Plenty of Dicks Review – You can never have too much of a good thing!

If you love cock or just watching a bit of hot man-on-man action then Plenty Of Dicks is the porn web site for you!

This gay site is a wall-to-wall buffet of man meat – whether you like your schlongs long, thick, juicy, cut, uncut, dripping, rock hard, hairy, shaved, or just an average joe that you could swing on for days – Plenty Of Dicks is a site dedicated to bringing you video after video after video of celebrating the world’s love of cock.

Of course it is not just the size and shape of the cocks on display that provide the variety – this site delivers videos that feature all sorts of men getting hot and steamy with each other. Whether you are into athletic young jocks, sexy nerds, or big muscular daddies then you will find something that pushes your buttons here.

The scenarios that are played out in these videos range from first-time bottoms, nervously pushing their asses out to test their ability to be fucked, or their are huge buffed black guys with their enormous swinging dicks who seem almost about to mercilessly split their hot lover into pieces, or there is the muscular daddies – hairy, mature, experienced, teaching a trick or two to whoever ends up in their bedroom.

The locations too provide plenty of interest – it is not just bedrooms, or dorm rooms, or living room couches, there is also plenty of outdoor action – whether that is in the woods, down a secluded alley, or at a pool party – these dudes do not hesitate to whip out their hard cocks and get it on, all so you can kick back, grease up, and get off.

What you get

All of the videos on the Plenty Of Dicks web site are available in high definition and you can download them. There is almost an endless supply of content waiting for you on Plenty Of Dicks – over two thousand videos and wall-to-wall action featuring over three thousand different guys.

The videos on the Plenty Of Dicks web site is all amateur gay porn – submitted by users for your enjoyment.  Sure, some of the technical aspects such as camera work and sound can be a bit variable, but it is that edginess and realness that makes these videos a lot more exciting and stimulating to watch than a lot of the other mainstream gay porn that is available on the internet today.

The Plenty Of Dicks web site has been voted as the world’s best gay porn site. That is a big call but once you get a taste for the schlong smorgasboard on offer on Plenty Of Dicks then it is bound to get your vote too.

To access the content on the Plenty Of Dicks web site you need to sign up for one of the membership subscription options offered by the site.

There are four types of membership subscriptions available on the Plenty Of Dicks web site:

  • $1.00 Two days trial membership
  • $17.95 One month membership
  • $95.40 per month Twelve month membership (70% savings)

Payment be made by credit card or you can pay by phone.

Your membership of the Plenty Of Dicks web site also gives you access to four hot gay porn websites: Boys First Time, Gay Revenge, Dick Dorm, and Papi.

So it is pretty good value when you consider similar fees in order to access the hard core content that is available on each of these web sites individually.

Why we love it

A man’s cock is incredibly intriguing – they are all different, yet somehow all equally appealing.  The transformation from soft to hard is compelling to watch.


Whether you want to imagine yourself on your knees, servicing the cocks that you are watching on screen, or if you are just a connoisseur who can appreciate watching a hard cock in action, then Plenty Of Dicks is the web site for you. Plenty Of Dicks delivers exactly what it says on the tin. You want cock? This website gives you thousands of men giving their all in thousands of different videos. Sucking and fucking and worshipping cock – all for your pleasure.

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