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What Sex and Grades Offers


Sex and Grades is a pay porn site for connoisseurs of fresh chicks in a classroom uniform and setting, with regular visits to apparently nearby bedrooms. The Homepage images suggest the site is very good at what it does. All the girls are genuinely fresh and entirely free from those self-inflicted blemishes, like piercings and tattoos, that mars so many otherwise attractive girls today, particularly those you see on other Internet sites. You won’t find fresher, prettier girls anywhere online than these. I can’t praise the site or the girls highly enough from the admittedly limited viewing I have seen. Sex and Grades’ girls look like women you’d enjoy getting to know better.

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Only Fresh Chicks

Sex and Grades features beautiful women in short plaid skirts, generally tight white cotton blouses with plaid ties, and white knee socks, not that much of their clothing is actually on their youthfully nubile bodies. The girls also seem to be missing the underwear you’d expect on such otherwise perfectly dressed girls.

Sex and Grades’ movies are in multiple formats, HD, SD, and WMV, and can be high quality streamed to your PC or mobile devices. As well, their HD format can also be downloaded in 1080p, 720p or 480p to suit your device.

The site’s theme is one that is always popular, reminiscent as it is of our own youth and awakening interest in sex. A short enticing paragraph on the Home Page says the Sex and Grades’ girls have trouble studying and therefore feel the need to seduce their teachers and tutors, in all manner of naughty ways, to get good grades. The girls in the images are amazingly beautiful and, unusually for web porn, their male partners are also fit and natural looking too.

You have to join to really enjoy the girls in all their adorable sexiness but don’t despair because there’s a one day membership to help you see more and, of course, make an informed decision.

Also somewhat unusually for erotica, the settings are clean, elegant and uncluttered. Judging from the images on the Home Page, the whole presentation is very upmarket. Sex And Grades has obviously taken the time and trouble to create perfect images and movies that will appeal to those who value cleanliness and tastefully presented, highly erotic sex.

Sexual activities include anal and vaginal penetration, fisting, toys, blowjobs and all these are in a variety of natural and somewhat unnatural positions. Although the girls’ tits are on view, they aren’t being fondled, groped or sucked; all the activity appears to be around their three open, always hungry, holes. We do see some close examination of plump wet pussies and the spreading of labial lips, which may suggest there are additional treats in store when you sign up. Or, considering that the theme relies on a suggestion of innocence, the range of activities may be limited to those that support the concept.

Lesbian sex is another perennial favorite of men and it’s a not unlikely scenario for youthful exploration of sex, male or female, so it isn’t surprising the site’s introduction hints at there being some girl-on-girl action between the classmates. It isn’t on show on the Home Page, which focuses almost exclusively on stiff pricks entering tight pussies, wet mouths and nicely stretched ass holes.

All the girls we can see on the home page have creamy, flawless skin and complexions, perky boobs, round pert smackable bottoms, and perfect teeth. They’re the American girl next door par excellence, blondes, brunettes, raven-haired and two exciting pictures of a gorgeous redhead sporting the pinkest of pink faces as she struggles to accommodate her partner’s fist in one and a large purple dildo in the other.

This is among the most popular pay porn sites in our review category, and it is updated every week with high quality photos and fast streaming and easy downloading videos.
Free porn video on Sex and Grades

Membership allows unlimited downloading of their material and your subscription includes access to the site from your desktop or mobile device. It also provides for a discount on their partner sites, which feature more fresh chicks but with different themes.

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