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What Twinks In Shorts Offers


Twinks In Shorts is a porn site dedicated to featuring high-quality gay sex videos. It does not look like it is affiliated with any other porn network because we were not able to see anything about porn networks in the site. However, if they are not affiliated with any other porn network unlike the other porn sites in the industry, then that’s still fine with us. We understand that a lot of people prefer to sign-up for porn sites that are also partners with other porn sites and networks because doing so will give them more websites and content to gain access to by just making a single payment. We, on the other hand, believe that standalone sites get updated more often with higher-quality videos because the creators of this site don’t focus on other porn sites other than this site alone.

Anyway, going back to the porn site, if you are part of the gay community and you are reading this review right now; then let us take this chance to invite you to take a look into this site because you will truly enjoy it. We know because we asked our gay friends, and they loved TwinksInShorts.

If you already contemplating on giving this porn site a try, then allow us to share with you the different membership options that this porn site has. The porn site TwinksInShorts has four main ones and one trial option. The trial membership access would provide you a recurring one-day access daily. As for the other membership options, these are a one-time charge for sixty-day access, a recurring monthly membership option, a yearly recurring option, and finally a promo offer (which is also a recurring one). It was not specified on the site the duration of this promo offer but it is pretty affordable and looks like a real score.

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Design & Features

The only thing that we can say with the website design of the Twinks In Shorts site is that it is very straightforward. By simply landing on the home page, you are already going to see the thumbnails of their latest videos – no flashy banners and other things that might distract you from the videos. The navigation is also pretty simple as well with only five links which are fashioned like buttons. Aside from that, there is nothing else aside from the thumbnails.

The thumbnails are also very simple; they only contain an image of the most action-filled scene in the video, the names of the models starring in the video, and the date when the video was uploaded. There are more than twenty thumbnails on the page, and below these thumbnails are the trailers of their upcoming videos – so you always know what to look out for! This is also very helpful if you are currently watching a series of videos and you are already excited to find out when the next installment or episode will be released.

Guys & Videos

As a genuine gay porn site, you are not going to find any women here. No, all of their videos only feature two or more male porn stars, sucking each other’s dicks and pounding each other straight in the ass.
We love that all of the men here that you will be able to watch are clean-cut and masculine. We sometimes find it hard to distinguish and a bit confusing if shemale porn is mixed with these kinds of videos, like what some of the gay porn sites that we have found in the past. It is not that we would not want to watch shemale porn; we only think that it is more helpful if the videos are more properly categorized.

As for the videos, we really love the high-quality of each one. All of them were professionally produced and were shot using the best camera and lighting equipment – this is for certain. You can easily recognize it at the clarity of each scene.
Finally, we love how their male porn stars are partnered up. In this way, if you have enjoyed a scene shared by a certain “couple”, then it would be easier for you to find the other videos that they have made.


Overall, this porn site is really worth signing up for, and for different reasons. Allow us to name them in the conclusion of our review. First, there are just a few gay porn sites out there that feature models as hot as the ones here in Twinks In Shorts. Second, it is just not a very popular porn genre (partly because of the discrimination that we still suffer from the close-minded world, we only hope that in the future, this will not be the case anymore), so it is difficult to find a quality premium porn site like this. Finally, we appreciate the people behind this porn site because they were able to distinguish the sexual needs of the gay community when it comes to porn, and this is the reason why all of the videos that they provide here are certified to turn on any gay guy.

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