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We all have our list of celebrities that we would bang, no matter what, do we not? We have always fantasied about what that celebrity would be like in bed. How their sweet pussy would taste like when you went down on them and how they would moan with pleasure as you kept eating them. We wonder what they are like in bed, whether they would dominate you and fuck your brains out or whether they would want to take a good pounding! And most dreams that we have, result in us having blue balls, is that not true? And you know why, because when it does actually come to the good part, unfortunately, we wake up and that just happens to ruin our fantasy, which was in the process of being fulfilled! That really does suck, doesn’t it? Is there something that could really put a remedy to the blue balls, when you are looking for something so premium and exclusive as your celebrity fantasy? Well, I guess it is safe to say that your search is finally over!

Vivid Celeb is the word for you! What is Vivid Celeb, you would ask? Vivid is an adult entertainment giant, which has been providing us with entertainment for the longest time and they the are best in the business. They know exactly what our heart and more importantly our cocks’ desire! And they have definitely upped their game with Vivid Celeb, as they have brought to us the bedroom lives of the most famous and the most desirable women in the world, who have not only the most beautiful faces, but also perfect bodies that could leave anyone panting with desire. And you can choose who you want to be, whenever and wherever you want! It gives you access to the never-seen-before sex tapes of all women, as they get hammered-in, licked, get their ass eaten, take part in group sex and even have sex with other women. And that is just some of it! Tell me that they don’t know what you want.

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Design & Features

You get a red carpet treatment on this website, literally! The way they have used colors that go so well together and they barely distract you is simply amazing. The black background with the hint of the maroon creates a sensual experience for you, subtly, easing you and making the anticipation of what is about to follow even more pleasurable. It is the perfect setting, without being obtrusive!

The layout of the website is simple as well. It is made as friendly for the user as it possibly could be. One of the first things that will grab your attention is the slide show that is present! It is perfect in its function as it provides you with a sneak peek of what is about to happen to your cock. You can choose from those celebrities or, if you want a particular celebrity or a particular category of play you can also use the search bar that is there, making things really easy and simple! Also, there are thumbnails of the hottest and the most famous celebrities, with sexy captions about them. So, all in all, they could not have possibly come up with a better website.

Girls & Videos

Let us give you a little peek into all of the women that are going to be there for you, as soon as you subscribe. The ultimate diva Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with Ray J caused quite the stir in the world, making her really rich and famous! She is seen in compromising positions as she gets fucked in her pussy really hard by Ray J’s hard and succulent cock! Her ass is one of the most beautiful bubble butts out there in the world, and her being taken from behind is quite the sight for sore eyes. And the way she manages to take his cock in and deep throat will leave you breathless making your cock throb with pleasure.

If that doesn’t make you happy there is also the former pro wrestler, Tammy Lynn Sytch, who has been finally tamed in the sex tape! Instead of her taking the lead and tackling other people, she is now on her knees, deep throating and sucking on some cock. We haven’t even gotten to the legend of sex tapes, Pamela Anderson, with her massive Jugs and literally Baywatch body. She is seen vacationing with Tommy Lee on a boat and baring it all! It was for his eyes only, but here it is now for your eyes only!

If you think, you want some MILF, you have got to look no further, because Farrah Abraham is here to solve all of your woes! The back door MILF mama, as she is known as, has the most delicate looking tush, which can take the most pounding! Wouldn’t you like to watch that? Also with all of her flexibility, she keeps making you come back, wanting for more! How about Mimi Faust, Courtney Stodden and Tila Tequila in the mix? And that is just a few of the women available for you to get your cock pleasured and your mind blown away. And what makes this experience even better? High definition videos, with absolute life like quality and amazing sound, so that you can hear every moan that comes out of her as she comes to your cock. Also, the videos are compatible with all devices, so that you can have that fantasy fulfilled anywhere and everywhere, all according to your convenience and fancy!

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Vivid Celeb truly does make your experience like absolutely no other paid porn site we have listed. It brings you never seen before sex tapes and brilliant content! If all of the above reasons didn’t fascinate you enough to subscribe, then you have to check their deals out! Along with the subscription, they also provide you with bonus videos that you have full access to. And the fun bit is, they keep uploading all of these videos frequently, so that you always have more to come back to. Also, most of the x-videos are full-length videos, which last an average of around 60 minutes, and that’s 60 minutes of uninterrupted pleasure. Did you say uninterrupted? That is because of the fabulous servers that they have. They are so good that the chances of the website crashing are close to nil. Also, there are no advertisements on this website.

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