Big Church Review

What Big Church offers you


This is one of the best adult pay sites of our selection, perfect for people looking for love. I have rarely seen dating sites on the internet that are actually good and successful in what they do. Sure, you might meet some people, but whether you would stay connected to them, and generally, whether you would become their friends and even lovers, that is a whole different story. But, Big Church is there to help you meet the people of similar spiritual beliefs, and there to help you stay connected with them, and even start a new life together.

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Design & Features

This site is done marvelously, in a way that will certainly catch your eye, yet will help you in every aspect once you decide to join. Even on the home page, it is noticeable, that the site has been designed in such a way that is user-oriented. That can be easily noticed from the floating registration form, that mainly follows you throughout the site, and the image of a happy couple, looking at the horizon, embraced in a hug, against a bright blue sky.

Likewise, the site’s members’ area, which is free, what is more, is organized in such a way that every person would be able to join and complete their profile, thus increasing their chances of finding a person who they need and crave for. What I also liked is the fact that this site is masterfully done from a technical perspective, too, and you will experience no lag, whatsoever, getting to browse the many profiles in mere seconds. The site offers a mobile application, too, one that helps you find and chat to people from anywhere in the world where you have the internet.

Girls & Videos

The first thing that came to me when I completed my profile, which was, by the way, a very easy process, as you have banners and other helpful messages along the way, a real tutorial, was the fact that the people on the site are great, and ready to help you at every point of your journey, either by pointing you in the right direction, of if they happen to be that direction, they would speak up, with no fear. This is a process that happens on and on, with every new member, and such people are really great, as they help everyone who is shy or lonely enough not to make that first and necessary step.

After some encouragement, the newbies also open up, showing their inner spiritual nature, and therefore get to know the people on the site from an entirely new and different perspective, one that is really deep and emotional. Yes, finding people here who are not afraid to risk it and open up to you is a really easy thing to do, and you will get lifelong friends in return, sometimes even partners. Yes, I’ve seen and heard stories and talked to people who have met the loves of their lives here on the site, and their stories are amazing and absolutely inspirational. Being a free member helps, yet if you become a premium one, you would get even more support in your spiritual quest, and would help keep the wheels turning of this lovely site that is here to help everyone in need of a spiritual friend or even a lover.


Never fear, because Big Church is here, a site dedicated to people with spiritual needs and preferences, here to join them, so that they can begin a new life with a lot of friends and people ready to help them, every step of the way. Finding a lover and a partner for life is also possible, just join and complete your profile and you will see the perks of being a member of this site, first hand.

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