Puffy Network Review

What Puffy Network offers you


This is a site that may easily go somewhere. Yes, its new, and it will definitely get your attention. Puffy Networks is different. It won’t be like any other premium porn site that have been to. You will see unique models and unique situations. This isn’t the same run-of-the-mill online porn. This is something new, that I highly recommend everyone give it a try at least once.

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Design & Features

When I first visited this adult site, I immediately notice how real the girls looked. These sexy amateur models aren’t the professional vixens you see everywhere else. They are real girls that want to know what its like to make some exciting porn.  The hd porn website does a great job of describing the scenes, so that you are able to imagine the situation before you even enjoy it. There was so much action on the site, that I’m not sure my computer could handle it. It is probably because they host 700+ porn videos to enjoy, and trust me, it was definitely worth the wait.

If you are looking for classic porn, this is not the site to visit. With included sites called Wet Puffy, Wet and Pissy, We Like to Suck and Eurobabe Facials its easy to see that this is a top pay porn site reviewed by our experts for those who like it a little different. The videos don’t hold back. All of those things, okay maybe some of them, that you imagine, but can’t find porn for are hiding on this site. You’d think for doing such a good job at finding the fetish stuff, that the price would be outrageous. Thankfully, it is not.

Girls & Videos

There are even more cool things going on with Puffy Network. First thing is that you get to see the highest quality videos. The site has a library of full HD movies that members can download and watch when they please. Another cool feature is that the videos are exclusives for the network. This means you won’t find these videos anywhere else.  And remember the models? Yeah, I didn’t mention how hot those girls were.I certainly didn’t mind them doing the crazy things I could only dream about- even if they were amateurs. The site also boasted a huge photo library and easy navigation. It is easy to get from one site to the other because they make the controls easy to understand.

Puffy Network video


Even if you aren’t into fetish type porn, you should visit this site. It has a refreshing spin on the repeated and copied porn you see everywhere else. Puffy is about being sexy and unique, providing something that is not quite fetish but definitely different.  This is a new site that I’m sure will only get better with time, and they seem to be open to that. Their site welcomes feedback and is obviously on a mission to create the best site imaginable. With everything that they already have, sexy girls and unique content, I am confident that it will some day be an industry leader. For now, I suggest you get in on the ground floor and be able to say “I knew them when they only had $700 videos.”

Puffy Network Discounts

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