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Best pay porn site for amateur gay porn and boyfriends videos lovers. Straight porn magazines used to always have a feature that was called something like “Readers’ Wives” where readers of the magazines would send in naked photos of their wives or girlfriends, keen to share their passion publicly, clearly turned on by the thought of having thousands of other men jacking off and spraying a thick cummy load over their loved one.

SeeMyBF is the gay equivalent and it is bigger and better than any thing you could have imagined. The SeeMyBF (which translates as “See My Boyfriend” just in case it wasn’t obvious) is one of the world’s biggest collection of real amateur gay porn videos and pictures, this is one hundred per cent real amateur gay porn. Whatever sort of man-on-man action you are into, then SeeMyBF has all of the hot and horny action that you are looking for, whether is is bareback fucking, twink orgies, deep throat blowjobs, cum facials, snapchat sex, or anal creampies, this is the site where you will find what you are looking for.

This level of exhibitionism is clearly not for everyone, you may ask yourself: “Who would make a sex tape and then share it with the world?” Judging by the thousands of user-submissions that this site features, there is clearly no shortage of slutty guys who do not think twice of letting it all hang out for the world to see. While some of the content featured is revenge porn, secret videos or photos of ex boyfriends, most of it is just willing guys who get a real kick or thrill from knowing that somewhere out there, someone is jacking off and blowing their load while watching them fuck. Think of it as a global community for amateur gay self-expression. The traditional rules and societal norms about what is private and what we share publicly are changing, SeeMyBF is at the forefront of that trend.

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Design & Features

The SeeMyBF web site delivers you over ten thousand real home made gay videos and nearly two hundred thousand hot pictures of hot boyfriends. The site is updated daily and you can watch all of the content streaming online or download it for later. Plus there is the option for mobile and iPad access with online support available from a support team based in the United States.

Boys & Videos

This is not porn as you normally know it, it is real amateur gay couples getting it on, filming the action with a cheap cam or smartphone and then sharing it with the world for everyones enjoyment. Like many quality gay porn websites, access to the content on the SeeMyBF website is restricted to signed-up subscribers. You can choose from the following subscription options:

  • Try Before You Buy membership – $1 pass
  • $24.96 One month membership
  • $59.78/mo Three month membership
  • $99.95/mo Twelve month membership

Payment can be made by credit card. The Try Before You Buy options is particularly attractive as it gives you a chance to sample the content before committing to a longer term subscription. No fake orgasms, no hollywood faces, no steroid-pumped up bodies. Just ordinary, average guys who love fucking each other, filming it, and then uploading it for us all to enjoy.

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There is something really special about amateur gay porn. In a way you feel part of a special secret, that moment when two guys got together and got it on. Whatever they look like, wherever they are, whatever they are doing, the passion, the power, of two men having honest, real, and earthy sex is undeniable.

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