ShyGF Review

ShyGF Review

What’s all the fuss about ShyGF? is one of the best porn pay sites amateur that we have¬†collected in our list. They offer 100% real-life amateur porn and their content is 100% user submitted. They’ve been working with homemade porn material since 2001, so obviously they know what they are doing. I know what most of you might be thinking, here it goes another “supposed to be” 100% user submitted scam, but I assure you their material is legitimate.

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The people you see in pictures and videos are 100% real, some of them might be exhibitionists, some of them might be doing it for fun and some of them might not even know they are featured on the site. No pornstars, no directors, no scenarios here, everything is 100% REAL. They are offering a wide variety of homemade videos and pictures, varying in length and quality, they literally have the largest collection of porn on the net. Currently the selection counts 2000+ videos and 5000+ images, the quality isn’t the best since some of the videos have been recorded via webcams or handheld devices. But seeing those horny girlfriends getting down and dirty with their boyfriends totally makes up for it.

It doesn’t get any realer than this…

Like I said previously, Shygf is 100% real life amateur porn site and 100% user submitted. Not only can you watch okay quality videos and pictures but you can also contribute to the website by sending your own private pics and naughty videos. But what is the point to send my kinky videos and pictures to them, you may ask? Well since, they are 100% user submitted, they are always looking for more content, especially girls and couples in their hottest moments. And trust me they will reward you for whatever you may send. It can go from $1.00-$2.00 per picture and $2.00 & up per minute for videos. You can also score a free membership by submitting sexy pics of you having fun with your girlfriend or just her by herself, as long as you mention the name of the website. So don’t forget to shout them out in your video and flaunt the site’s name when you take a picture.The more creative the better. What’s better than a free membership for little to no effort???

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How much does it really cost?

Shygf is a pay site and in order to access its content you have to sign up. There are different rates and here is a list of what they are currently offering:


If you’re an amateur porn type of guy/gal, then you must definitely give this site a try. No lies, no gimmicks, they are 100% real men having hardcore sex with their girlfriends, or naughty babes getting caught having a hot masturbating session and even girlfriends acting like little horny sluts for their boyfriends without even knowing they are being recorded. By being a 100% user submitted website you can’t expect HD quality type of videos, the quality varies from one video to another and it does apply for pictures as well. But the quantity will make you forget about the quality. And on top of all that, you can score a free membership or even make a few extra bucks by uploading your own kinkiest, naughtiest, freakiest pictures and videos but don’t forget to mention, the more original, the better.

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