Throated Review

Throated Review


A top paid porn site we inserted in our list, that features a challenge where girls take the biggest cock far down their throats until it nuts. Throated is a strictly blow-job website that has the biggest penises in the industry, as they meet their matching deep throated counterparts. The site challenges the hottest girls as they embark on a throated adventure, where only their strength to be able to hold their breaths long enough counts; which in most cases, save their lives. The aggressive males stick their endowments into the cavities of their companions, this is an exhilarating experience.

The content on is strictly the work of the finest professionals out there, the camera crew, the actors/actresses and the tech crew are all pros. The content which was shot and developed by the site is only meant for the consumption of the site and the materials cannot be found anywhere else on the web. The site is void of amateur nonsense that features poor video quality and low whack picture resolution.

The videos are on par the top sites on the planet, it features materials that only porn sites with heavy investment can afford to deliver. The best part of the site is the entirety of its content, from the pictures to the video and down to the quality of the website, it all speaks of excellence. It is a wonderfully crafted website that features the very best of content available out there.

Members of the site will be the luckiest set of individuals that get to enjoy the very best of porn materials that are available out there on the cyberspace. The site features the very best of content which is updated on a weekly basis with freshly prepared materials; also, these contents have the highest quality. The pictures are the highest resolution and the videos are high definition. Members of the site also have access to the other vast sites that is available on the MyXXX network. The site also offers members with special offers for loyalty and commitment and a way of paying back. The also host a live cam show on the site for tailored members benefits, which features several porn stars as they embark on the throated challenge. Throated doesn’t have a display on its website an award of excellence it has won over the years; however, it is very much on its way to achieving stardom in the foreseeable future.

Design and Features

The user interface of mouthed features a simple and easy to navigated interface that is both responsive and user-friendly. The site which has HD videos on it and high-resolution pictures littered all over the site, loads pretty quickly; the content aren’t heavy and so, therefore, doesn’t slow down the speed of the website. The content on the site are well labelled and appropriately described that it makes for a clear and easy to understand the place, there is no clutter of content and materials are all in the appropriate places. The layout of the website features an easy to understand, and the clear dichotomy of the pictures and videos all available on the website; this will provide the user with the ultimate experience of a clutter less and highly responsive website that functions well and provides the very best in deep throated entertainment.

The design of the site has the sublime touch of beauty and excellence; it inspires awe as it is a wonderful piece of creation. The site features a black and red expression for a the most part of the website, and at the footer of the site, it brings home a grey/ash ambience to the design of the website. The site is a master-class as it has the aesthetic grandeur enjoyed only by the very best porn websites that are ranked World-Class. On the technical part of the website, the team did an amazing job, from the user-interface of the website to the design; the user interface and experience of the site is second to none on a world order. The team deserve all the accolade.

There are on the site trailers for every video that is available on display for members and non-members of the site to view, the trailers are usually one to two minutes long and they feature a summary of what is obtainable in the full-length movie video of the porn scene. The site only allows non-members watch these trailers, but the full videos are accessible by only full-time members of the site. The streaming speed of the website is really fast; it revolves around the international standard of 1080p as the video content buffers seamlessly fast. The site has thousands of photos for everyone to watch, both members and non-members all have access to view these pictures. But members have access to all the pictures on the site, and only a few pictures can be viewed by the non-members of the site.

The site comes with the full package, it has an advanced search option to expedite specific content querying by users, this search aids users looking for specific materials to lay hold on these materials easy by just running a search on the name of the pornstar, file name and other details that may be pertinent to the content. Throated features a highly responsive site that is accessible on mobile devices including mobile phones and tablets alike this also adds to the ultimate customer experience.

The niche is a porn site that offers content of deep and intense blowjobs, there are several players in the deep industry, that make-up all the classes of every end. There are several blowjob porn websites that offers the same kind of content, sites like bj-bitches, but throated has a better delivery in both quality and style that both websites.

Girls and videos

The girls are experienced pornstars and they are excited about the challenges they usually faced with taking in the thickest male penises. They are really enthusiastic about the prospects and they put in their two cents to get on top the challenge. Kagney Karter is seen in one of the videos taking on Prince Yahshua’s cock in one of the videos. She did a good and managed to get the Prince to nuts.

The ladies are far from amateurs and they surely love what they do for a living. The site has a bank of videos, and these videos are HD and feature the very best in bj entertainment.


The site is an impressive one with the finest of blowjob materials featuring the prettiest girls and the rudest cocks around the planet. It is an amazing website with the finest designs and content.

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