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One of the best pay porn sites part of our list, with girl in their first sex videos. 18firstsex manages the difficult task of ‘niche variety’. There are girls of every description, beautifully fucking the shit out of some lucky dudes, and each other. Being all those beautiful slender girlies we want, without being a boring run of identical looking scenes, is some challenge since we’ve all seen boring porn, and wondered why they bothered. (Nobody wants to see porn that looks less fun than the jerk they’re having.) There is in fact almost every look, act and taste catered for. Most satisfying is the sheer quantity. More than three thousand videos, and well over half a million photos.

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Design & Features

These fresh girls are flowering beautifully, into seriously fuckable women, and the scouts have really done their job, hunting them down. There is charm and innocence, alongside the extreme and filthy, giving 18 First Sex its quality contrasts, without becoming distasteful. Many of the videos are in glorious HD, which, lets face facts is becoming more of a standard, but is still a real bonus in the internet porn biz, where amateurs are still holding a strong share. The directors can’t be slouching either. the plethora of different scenes, is offering something for all our tastes.

Girls & Videos

The girl next door types, the sophisticated and coquettish, and going all the way to the aggressively horny bitches. 18firstsex has fewer c grade models than most sites as well and its search filters are excellently set up. Narrowing your search by, location, lighting, model name, height, shape, colour of hair, race, and even style is easy. As well as the standard search divisions like, act, length, date, based categories. Older, larger, more well established sites, may be able to learn from these guys. When it comes to young and sexy, 18 First Sex constantly over delivers.



The final issue to bring to hand is the subscription cost, and quite frankly its negligible. If you were to count how often you masturbate, you may well conclude that one jerk a month is worth the price here. Especially if you take into account the regularity of updates and new uploads, which is sometimes more than daily.

18FirstSex Discounts

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