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Imagine watching a scenario wherein a man outsmarts a woman for sex, he tells her stories and gives her false information just to get himself some pussy, and you can watch as the woman agrees, although reluctantly. This kind of scenario may be rare in the adult entertainment sites but nonetheless it is one of the plot lines that make everyone who watches it horny, the raw sex that is happening, the women doing what the man wants out of false information or out of belief. AmateurDumbFucks is an adult pay site that features these types of plot lines and they have gorgeous women who will do anything just to get themselves out of trouble.

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Design & Features

Once you open the site you will be greeted with high-resolution pictures of women who are sucking dicks, and riding them with captions about how they got themselves into that situation. The site also has an audio of a light bulb going out to add an effect to the niche that the site is going for. They have thousands of high definition videos with about 500 plus GB, all of which can be converted into WMV and FLV formats, you can also transfer them into your device like Android phones, Iphones, Ipads, tablets and more, you can also stream their videos through their website or you can use their user friendly mobile version on your phone. They have about 100,000 high-resolution pictures that can be downloaded and transferred as well; they also come in zip files so that it will be easier and faster to download.

Once you sign up you will be able to access 30 hardcore adult entertainment sites, some of them are GangBangDee which features a model who loves to be a part of a gangbang; POVAuditions which shows videos that is in your point of view; CumLovers which features women who swallows cum after cum; FuckMeGrandpa which features dirty old men banging gorgeous models; SquirterGirls which features women who squirts during sex and so many others that you will surely enjoy. The site itself is easy to navigate for all of the links that you need is in one page, they also have a customer support hotline that you can contact 24/7 in case you have any questions or inquiries and they also have a help page wherein you can read the frequently asked questions of the other subscribers, that page will give you a background about the site and about the service.

Girls & Videos

AmateurDumbFucks features women who will have sex with whomever for the sake of being able to get out of trouble and for fake opportunities. In one video it showed a model who was promised a great career by a man called Uncle Pepi, he feed her with lies about being a star and a model and she ate everything up, when he felt like she already gave in he then told her what he really wanted in return, he wanted to have sex with her. The woman was doubtful and had many questions but she wanted to be famous and she would have done anything to get that, the man then took advantage and started kissing her while squeezing her breasts, he then took her top and her bra off and immediately sucked her nipples while his other hand is rubbing her pussy over her underwear; he then slowly removed it and continued rubbing her hairy pussy, he stretched it as he inserted a finger in her hole making her moan, he then fingered her slowly and he added another digit keeping the pace.

He then removed his pants and made her kneel in front of him so that she could suck his dick, he held her head and he thrust his hip so that he could go deeper into her throat, she then licked his shaft and sucked his balls before going back into sucking his head again. He then made her lay on the blanket that was placed on the ground and he asked her to spread her legs so that he could eat her up, he licked her insides and sucked her clit while he caressed her legs.

After eating her up he positioned himself on top of her and he rammed his cock into her pussy, he then moved up and down so that his cock would have gone in and out of her pussy, both of them moaned at the sudden raw impact of their genitals. He then positioned them sideways as he pounded her pussy from behind while they were lying on their sides; he lifted her leg to get more access as he banged her balls deep. He then made her go on all fours as he pounded her pussy from behind as he held her waist for support, her breasts dangled while he went in and out of her in a fast pace. He then pulled out and grabbed her head as he stood up, he made her kneel in front of him as he made her give him a blowjob. She opened her mouth as wide as she could as he rammed his massive cock into her, he held her head as he pumped his cock into her mouth like it was a pussy, he went fast and deep which made her gag. He pulled out and she then licked his shaft and sucked his balls again, he then pumped his cock as he came all over her face and hair.

Dumb porn gallery


If you are looking for a unique plot that has raw sex then this is the site for you, they have thousands of high definition videos that features nothing but the best dumb scenarios that girls get into while they are in the middle of a crisis, and they will do anything for help or for a shot on fame. The site also has summaries of their videos so you will have an idea of what is about to go down per video, everything is laid out for you.

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