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If you ever find it wild to watch how naughty chicks are getting out of a complicated situation by using their delicious bodies, then Bad Tow Truck is the best pay porn site you can find in our review list. In exchange for a clean escape in getting their cars towed, hot and game sweethearts are willing to kneel, get down and suck large dicks in and out of a vehicle. The hunk trunk drivers would really have a hard time to resist the big tits and fresh cunts that are waiting for them inside. The kind of hard core scenes shot inside a crowded vehicle and in open area just beside the highway are more thrilling and exciting not only for the involved flesh but for the passers by and porn fans as well.

Well, what would you do if you are the tow truck driver and there’s a real hot chick that can’t pay the fine? What more if they just know the easiest way to break free? Sexual favors, that are the main dish here at Bad Tow Truck. By sucking and riding a cock, find out how these horny models are vastly becoming the porn goddesses of the streets.

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Design & Features

Yet another magnificent offering from Reality Kings, Bad Tow Truck is a porn site that takes hardcore to a much different setting. Inspired by incorrect parking, beautiful chicks who are willing to do everything just to avoid their cars and vehicles from getting towed can really give you a boner. The collection boasts the combination of reality and hardcore content. There’s a very good deal of hot videos that features a lot of blowjobs and wild sex in the car. They are all shot in 1080p high definition quality and you can have them on your hard drive and even mobile devices by downloading them in MP4 and WMV formats. The flicks are all impressive and there are full length movies as well.

The point of view and the variety of hot stories from lucky tow truck drivers that are written below each content just make the sex scenes all the way hotter and more anticipating. There are also set of photos for each video content that come in 900×508 resolution. It is up to you whether you want to filter them and save them one by one or have them all in a click by downloading them in a zip file. You can also enjoy instant browsing option through a slideshow. Extended categories and sorting options to aid you in site navigation are also incorporated in the site.

Bad Tow Truck is growing its collection and now has a decent size of content by having consistent updates. The site is doing everything to get noticed and be praised in the porn industry by uploading contents only with high quality. And also, once you decide to be a member of Bad Tow Truck, you will also have the pass to enjoy the other steamy porn sites under Reality Kings.

Girls & Videos

We all know that when you park in a no parking zone, you will be fined with a good amount of money that’s most of the time, you would be reluctant to give. And here is what happens to naughty chicks that overcome the rule. Well, why would they be afraid if they’ve got the best assets in the world? Fresh and big tits, round hips, flawless bodies and big and wet cunts plus playful tongues, who’s male in their sanest mind can resist?

Sweet and wild sex in the back of the tow truck or inside the vehicle as payment for tickets makes towing job a lot harder and wilder. Everything is being recorded in POV angles by a hidden camera. Expect a lot of sloppy blowjobs, amateur deep throat, naughty bargains for sexual favors, anal sex and even threesomes in that very crowded area. The setting makes the sexual position more experimental and more entertaining. The flawless bodies of the nasty chicks are sweating not only from sexual desire but also because of the sweet sun in LA, and they can even fuck in the wide open area at the back of the tow truck. A sexual adventure isn’t it?

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