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What Bisex 101 offers you


Bisex 101 is one of the best paid porn sites with quality sex videos starred by bisex girls and boys. This adult website enables you to explore your bisexual fantasies. The beautiful thing about porn is that whatever you want to experience, whatever you fantasise about, porn is there to help you bring those fantasies to life. If you are someone who is straight but has often toyed with the idea of what it would be like to fool around with another guy, or maybe if you’re a gay guy who is interested in trying something a bit different, then Bisex 101 lets you put yourself in the middle of a sexy, flirty threesome, two guys and one girl, all of whom love sucking and fucking and getting each other off.

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Design & Features

  • Free trial registration that gives you access for a short period: FREE
  • 1 month subscription registration: USD$19.95
  • 3 month subscription registration: USD$59.95
  • 12 month subscription registration: USD$89.50

Bisex 101 is a premium porn web ite that is brought to you by the Gay Star Network. The Gay Star Network is one of the world’s leading porn networks with a huge range of sites under its umbrella and an extensive library of some of the hottest porn available on the internet. Some of the sites that your membership to Bisex 101 gives you include: Bareback101 and Crotch Buffet.

If you are looking for savings then the best porn deal is clearly to take out an annual subscription to the site, when you compare it on a month by month rate then you are clearly saving a lot of money. However if you are unsure whether this content is exactly what you are looking for then you can always opt for the two day trial to get a taste for it and see whether it is something you want to commit to for a longer term basis.

Girls & Videos

The web site of Bisex 101 is clearly set out and very professional, navigation is easy. The best way to find the content that is to browse through all of the most recent and newest video uploads, there are really detailed descriptions of each of the scenes, describing the performers and how these three people are going to end up naked and in bed together. This is a really useful way of giving some context and additional fantasy to what you are watching, adding to the excitement, the expectation, and the sexual tension of the situation.

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Bisex 101 is sexy, hot, steamy threesomes, two guys and one girl. Two hard cocks but lots of willing mouths and hands eager to get those cocks hard and get those cocks off. When you are jacking off and wanting to explore your sexual fantasies you need porn that is going to take you to new places, that is going to show you new things, that is going to let your imagination be set free and soar through the endless pleasures and titillations that will excite you in ways that you had never previously imagined.

If you are a straight guy who has always been a bit bi-curious, who has always wondered what it would feel like to touch another guy, taste another guy, take another guy’s cock in your mouth, or if you have wondered what it would be like to be fucked by a rock hard cock, then a top drawer porn web site such as Bisex 101 enables you to explore that fantasy. Watch how these guys use a threesome to enable them to fulfil some of their man on man fantasies, getting naked with each other, fooling around with each other, sucking and fucking with each other until their cum explodes and connects them together. This is porn at its absolute best.

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