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Ready to get your mind blown with bonuses that piles up way up high? Well if you’re into variety and would easily get bored if you stayed in one porn site for too long, I’ve got only one word for you. BrainPass. Now this is something that would totally make your day. No, not just “day”, it would totally make your entire year! Or maybe longer than that because BrainPass has a quality that makes it very separate from other sites. Do you wanna know what that is?

This site is like something of a Treasure cove. Imagine all those premium sites out there, now would it be possible if you could get all those sites in your membership for just one account? That’s crazy right? Well, BrainPass is about to give you just that. BrainPass, a porn site network that is about to offer you something you can’t possibly ignore. This one gives you access to the highest quality network on the internet. A Canadian based porn industry with high-quality hardcore pornstars and pornsites inside its arsenal. The number of pornsites inside this website is very immense and overwhelming. I don’t know how they pulled off this stunt because every single one is legit. Every site is unique and it doesn’t appear to be sharing any videos at all. Now maybe some of you are confused on how this site works, but don’t fret, I’ll be sure to explain the inner workings of BrainPass with you all throughout this review.

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Design & Features

I like how they designed the interior and exterior of this site. All over the site there’s this cold red and black design, kind of gives out a library aura. Now before we go through anything else, let me give you a good picture of what BrainPass is all about. You see, BrainPass is a unique network that doesn’t have porn videos of its own. Yes, you heard that right. BrainPass doesn’t have any porn videos. Not a single one. So when you become a member of this unique network, BrainPass won’t be giving you any porn video, in and of its own. But instead, what it’ll be offering is a huge storage of premium porn website that is just filled with unique and exclusive contents. What’s great about it is, this site won’t be holding back any porn site from their members. All the porn sites in BrainPass will be fully accessible with premium pass.

Now maybe you’re thinking that maybe the sites are not that many. Well, I’ve done my share of counting, and about now I’ve counted around 200 sites. Those sites by the way are so freaking hot and impressive. At first, I was wondering, maybe the sites in this network must be sharing videos or something. But I was so wrong because the site wasn’t playing when it said that each website will be containing lots of exclusive content! It was ridiculously unbelievable at first but after some hard scanning. I stand corrected. Every bit of promotional description about BrainPass is true. Now if you’ve already entered the site, you must’ve already noticed the website icon that’s shaped like a movie ticket. That logo was nice. Got me more excited to check out what’s in the site. Now entering the site, I saw a very long list of the site’s most top rated porn sites, and I’d have say, this is one tasty list of some high rated paid pornsites. Each one of the sites on the list by the way has a “Learn More” option. When I entered it, I saw this very nice site promotion sponsored by BrainPass.

It’s like kind of this feature that lets you know what’s in the site before you actually go ahead and look. Now there’s a preview of website screenshots at the left side of the page, and on the right side, there’s a nice detailed yet short description about the site. In the middle, there’s a big preview video about the website itself. Very informative, and what’s even cooler is that, each preview page for each website has its own theme color, design and vibe. These preview pages are also sponsored by BrainPass. A big round of applause there for the BrainPass. Now when it comes to making it easier for the members, I’ll give BrainPass 5 stars for that. Because I know most of us would easily be confused with which site we’ll watch first, so BrainPass developed a categorizing system that’s not meant to categorize porn videos, but instead, categorize the porn sites themselves. Really handy and directs me easily to what site I want to be in. These premium sites also have some live cam features in them. Also with high speed broad band streaming, watching videos will be a breeze.

Girls & Videos

The many girls in the websites hosted by BrainPass are really popular, also considering the fact that they’re all exclusive content, you won’t be finding these rare gems in any other site any time soon. The variety of erotic and exotic themes from each porn site is also astonishing. You can really tell that no site is the same. Each one is produced and directed by a different party, which makes the diversity and exclusiveness of each video very thrilling and exciting. The girls’ performance was high quality indeed, getting rammed hardcore in ways you couldn’t imagine are very satisfying. The download capability is also great. With all kinds of formats and optimizations, you can play the videos in any platform as you wish.

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Considering the size and vastness of BrainPass, I could really admit that this site is the King of all exclusive and premium rnrn. With high quality content and video from each site, BrainPass is sure to bring full entertainment, and satisfaction guaranteed. With videos having DVD qualities, and downloads without limits. This site is the haven of porn lovers worldwide. Having a membership with BrainPass is something you’ll surely hold on to for the long run! 10 perfect stars from me guys!

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