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What Ex Girlfriends For Fun offers you


Ex Girlfriends for Fun is a totally new beast and one of the best paid porn sites for ex-girlfriends videos that we have reviewed. It’s what you’d call an interactive porn site. And as an interactive porn site, it’s one of the best amateur porn sites available on the web today. Ex Girlfriends for Fun reminds me of Boccacio’s Decameron- with more slutty ex-girlfriends. It reminds me of one of those compulsory novels each fresh person must read to understand or try to understand the world. Though it never works that way. You end up realizing your friends have shitty taste. But Ex Girlfriends for Fun is not of the taste of shit.

Ex Girlfriends for Fun is not only one of the best porn sites but it’s fun. Porn is supposed to be fun. It’s not for intellectuals or the faint of heart. It’s for people like you and me. We like seeing naked girls. And we especially love seeing naked girls doing stuff naked. Come on a magical mystery tour with me and you’ll be converted. A true believer before it’s over.

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Design & Features

The quality of Ex Girlfriends for Fun isn’t the greatest. It’s amateurish because it’s made for and made by amateurs. The layout is quaint though. It has a nice vintage layout that reminds one of a patchwork quilt or a hope chest full of old Polaroids that weren’t supposed to be seen until three hundred years had passed; a time capsule of naughty sex acts with the psycho bitch who break your heart and keyed your car.

Unless you had the one who was drunk and totaled your car. Though I’m not entirely convinced that all of it is amateurish in its shooting. Some of it looks too staged, too polished, too professional. But maybe that’s your thing. It feels more realistic than many porn sites out there. If this is your thing, you won’t mind the quality. Because in the porn world, the old mantra is counterintuitive and reversed – It’s about quantity not quality on Ex Girlfriends for Fun.

Girls & Videos

Ex Girlfriends for Fun has over fifty pages worth of content. The premise is that the boyfriends submit hot pictures and videos of their naughty ex girlfriends doing naughty things. Whether it’s a personal vendetta or whatever, it doesn’t matter. Ex Girlfriends for Fun is fun. I guess that’s what makes it so exciting and worth checking out. The thrill of it. The mystery will keep you lingering for me. It’ll keep you in suspense until your toes crinkle up until they look like a banana peel that’s been on the road for three weeks under the baking heat of the sun.

The repertoire of adult content available isn’t wide in its scope. But that doesn’t matter. It has the core material that makes up the best of porn sites worldwide. Lesbians, anal, missionary, blowjobs, temp jobs, and the like. There’s really not much more, but it’s like greasy Mexican food at three o’ clock in the morning. It’s not the best, it’s not the worst, it’s not even in the middle, but it’ll do.

Nice pay porn site for user-submitted videos.


Ex Girlfriends for Fun has plenty of cute girls. It’s a cute girl buffet. Most of the other sites have porn stars that look like old rubber tires. They’ve been stretched too much, they smell like old rubber, and they haven’t aged well. But Ex Girlfriends for Fun is exquisite and exquisitely young. You can call Ex Girlfriends for Fun the fountain of youth. It’s too bad we can’t conflate time and bring Ponce de Leon into the 21st Century. Then he’d find the fountain of youth he so desperately and exasperatingly searched for. And he’d be able to see lesbians in action for probably the first time in his life.

And that’s what Ex Girlfriends for Fun is like a pleasant surprise. It’s as if you’ve never seen it before. The anticipation is killing you and you’re fantasizing like crazy and your wee wee is throbbing. And then the images and the videos start playing and it’s everything you’ve ever hoped and wished for. There are so many hot girls that you won’t know what to do with yourself. Joining Ex Girlfriends For Fun you’ll get access to 10 bonus sites including: AbsoluteHandJobs, DrunkGirlsFlashing, TotallyTeen, LovelyCheerleaders, UpskirtsMania, FantasticCumShots, SecretHarem, MangaErotica, CzechSexClub, 3DGirlFriends.

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