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What Fellucia Blow offers you


One of the finest blowjob porn sites presented by the PornNerd Network is Fellucia Blow. Fellucia Blow comes from fellatio meaning blowjob and the chicks featured on this awesome porn site are true-blue cock lovers who love to suck a dick with great abandon. There are exquisite and passionate blowjob videos for connoisseurs of this porn category to jerkoff to. Check out the rest of this review to know more about Fellucia Blow and how it can make every night insanely memorable.

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Design & Features

Like all sites in the PornNerd network, Fellucia Blow offers an easily navigable site with appropriate video thumbnails to entice guests to check out for more. There are a couple of looping video thumbnails below the header, which give a peek into the beautiful chicks who love to suck dicks and cocks with gay abandon. There is a trailer below these two looping thumbnails, which brings to life the wonderful world of fellatio porn. A brief description of the site can be read along side the video. While there is a page for all the latest scenes and videos, the homepage offers a handful of videos to explore. However, one must become a member to watch these videos. The title of the video, runtime, number of views and likes are mentioned below each video thumbnail.

Membership to FellauciaBlow is very affordable and includes a monthly recurring and non-recurring plan, an annual plan and a quarterly recurring plan. Of these, the annual plan is the most economical, for it offers a whopping 76% discount over the monthly non-recurring plan. Whatever plan is opted for, membership gives access to over 80 sites across four networks, including the PornNerd Network, Aggressive Network, Eleganxia Network and the PornShowcase Network.

Girls & Videos

The chicks featured on Fellucia Blow are among the sexiest the porn world has ever seen, and they aren’t the famous pornstars who dot the umpteen number of porn sites. These bitches are true-blue cock lovers and just can’t wait to lay their soft hands, wet lips and tongues and shapely mouths on a stud’s dick. These chicks know how to pull a flaccid dick and turn it into a rock-hard boner in a jiffy. They stroke, kiss and lick the glans, taste the precum oozing out of the penile orifice, suck the dick like a pro, and play with the testicles with gay abandon.

The two-minute free trailer on the homepage makes for excellent viewing and gives an idea of what to expect on the site. A series of mini-clips grace this video, as the beautiful bitches engage in giving the most erotic, exotic and sensuous blowjobs to horny studs and hunks. The sluts also play with their pussies, breasts and nipples while their hands are busy sucking these boners. All of them end up relishing a warm cum facial and creampie all over their bodies.

Fellucia Blow free video


Subscribe to Fellucia Blow and enjoy the wildest blowjobs on the internet for a long time to come. Fellucia Blow offers thousands of videos to jerkoff to glory every night. The sluts featured on this site are insanely beautiful and sexy, and love to play with dicks and testicles with much élan. The scenes show intimacy and passion and the creampies and cum facials are truly outstanding to watch. And, when these goodies come at a reasonable membership fee, one must join the site without delay.

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