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What Femme Fatale Films offers you


Femme Fatale Films features attractive dominant females who place docile lads in their zone; slave-zones. If you want to have a taste of BDSM is an exceptional style, you cannot do a more apt selection by signing up on this website. All the content here is exclusive, and you are not seeing it on any other site out there. Walk with me as I unearth what the site is packed with.

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Design & Features

This sole feature that makes Femme Fatale Films stand out from the rest, is its awesome design. The layout incorporates a simple Hollywood TV-program feel, which is fantastic. The classic impression befits this website known as Femme Fatale Films.

The steering here is irrefutably brilliant and gives that awesome impression. The website appears unique in every aspect and feature. Details regarding the updates is absolutely impeccable and you regularly receive info concerning future updates. Users have the chance to stream the vids with help of an embedded flash player, and they can as well download the scene to watch on their wide screens after an exhaustive day at work place. With the images, they come in zip sets, therefore it is easier to download them.

I got a glimpse of a news area that is crafted like a blog and users can go through the updates and some of the feeds in the videos and pictures. Heading forward, I surfed the website on my smartphone and I was amazed by the loading speed. The loading speed was high and the site fitted well on the phone display.

Girls & Videos

Femme Fatale Films stages a vast array of BDSM acts like CBT, slavery, watersports, strap on sex, enemas, as well as hefty corporal mistreatment. As this is a female domination platform, the women steer the actions. They are tormenting the submissive male slaves. Also, there is a good quantity of fetish outfit in the scenes, like rubber, thigh high boots, and leather corsets.

The sets rotate around genuine BDSM scenes and they are quite well scripted. There are a lot of amazing camera angles and activities. At a point, I thought I was watching live porn show. Well, as a male, and a femdom fetishist, I placed myself into the role of the masochist in these scenarios. Also, the knacks these hot dominas depict, are quite pleasing.

There are sets that revolve around very good role play like slutty employer completely tormenting her minion. Even if these are role play snippets, you will not be bored by the shoddy acting as there is not a single.
Every flick comprises of an image gallery to go along with it, with pictures, which are quite good to look at. The quantity of images in every set is typically about 30 to 50. The snap open to around 1600 X 1205 pixels, and are set to fit your display when watched.

Videos come in mp4 versions, which you can save in HD of 1280 X7 20 pixels and speeds of up to 5 mbps or the SD or commonly known as standard format with a resolution of 640 X 368 with speeds of 1042 Kbps. Every episode carries between 2 to 7 sections, each of which normally lasts many minutes. Some full episodes last close to 50 minutes, however typically they are about 20 to 25 minutes in length. The great sound quality is as well pleasing since there is plenty of verbal dishonor going on in these sets.

Femme Fatale Films free video


This is a killer female domination website. Yes! There are so many BDSM platforms on the web, however Femme Fatale Films outshines them all. Why? Because it is the most stunning and features clued-up mistresses. The high-quality material onsite is impressive and they are updating regularly. Even though they came to light just the other day, they have assembled a good amount of content. Get a Femme Fatale Films membership to watch over 12,000 minutes of high quality hd femdom videos.

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