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Top HD lesbian porn site, Gender Flux will blow your mind with its unique gonzo porn movies that star the xxx industry’s hottest lesbian, transgender, and queer models. Originally launched as DykedDown, this masterpiece is brought to you by Nikki Hearts and Leigh Raven, a real-life lesbian couple whose imagination clearly has no limits. These two have personally picked the performers that will appear with them in the scenes. Once you’ve seen the videos, you can only agree that experience and passion indeed matter when it comes to creating a high-quality porn collection. Regardless of what gender appeals to you the most, make sure to check out this unique offering, or else, you’ll miss some of the greatest porn videos ever produced for sexual entertainment!

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Design & Features

If you’ve been watching lesbian porn movies for quite some time now, it would be next to impossible not to know Nikki Hearts and Leigh Raven. These performers are two of the most famous and talented models that have given girl-on-girl actions a new name. A few years ago, they realized that they can give more value to viewers by producing a collection that respects and recognizes all genders. Clearly, with the massive success that Gender Flux is enjoying today, Nikki and Leigh have made the right decision.

Initially, Gender Flux was known as DykedDown and specialized only in lesbian-oriented sex. However, after only a few months, the couple decided to welcome other genders and explore the beauty of sex in all aspects. The site’s name has been changed to Gender Flux to signify that it is a gender-inclusive porn community where there is a slice of everything for everyone.

Aside from the brilliant theme, the couple also did a great job in presenting their exclusive porn videos. The official website looks modern and well-equipped with premium tools and features. Everything is organized and you can maximize every second you’re in here because of the absence of intrusive ads and other distractions. Yes, there are still rooms for improvements but what’s available in the overall setup today is enough to give you a hassle-free viewing experience.

Girls & Videos

Nikki Hearts and Leigh Raven are the main models that drive Gender Flux’s popularity among lesbian fans. However, it is also worth noting that superstars like Korra Del Rio, Sabina Rouge, Scarlitt Scandal, and Charlotte Sartre are greatly contributing to the success of this porn site, too. You’ll even find the likes of Viktor Belmont and Trip Richards adding to the already delicious flavors as well. Whether you like to watch lesbian couples making it out with each other using sex toys, or you want to see a shemale banging a lady, or you are into trans-oriented fucking scenes, feel free to explore everything because they are all impressively filmed!

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Nikki Hearts and Leigh Raven are two porn superstars who are expanding our imagination and options when it comes to porn movies. They might be exploring a daunting theme but they are evidently good at what they do. In case you want to take a break from mainstream porn, do not think twice about checking out Gender Flux because this collection is definitely one of the best you can get out there.


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