Growl Boys Review

What Growl Boys offers you


Best gay porn site, Growl Boys brings new life to the gay porn genre by adding a definite unique twist. These lovely gay xxx models incorporate furry action with hot erotic sex scenes. The sex craved men here aren’t just wearing cheap and bulky costumes and fake fur; they do it with sophistication and style. You’d get to enjoy live-action anal gay porn plus some wonderful extras such as comics and erotic tales that you may read. The goodness does not end there; they also incorporate well crafted CGI to put realistic looking horns and other effects on their performers. Watch them get the fucking on, exclusively here on Growl Boys!

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Design & Features

Unique is not enough description to fully describe websites such as Growl Boys. It may not necessarily mean that they have successfully found an original concept of porn, but instead, they have reinvented the already proven ones to make it seem brand new. Growl Boys is one of a kind! They take that uniqueness that some porn sites may boast about and even take it another step above. Elements that you may only see from graphic novels are expertly combined with realistic prosthetic and effects to create an excellent brand of porn that is not to be found anywhere else but here.

They put new updates to the website every other week. Its either they start a brand new story for you to get hooked on or add another excellent chapter to what is already a great one. Their offered content incorporates several elements that even include comics. They have great artists with them as well. They have someone who has worked for high profile brands such as DC and Marvel. His name is Andreas Deon and he is contributing to their content! This website is indeed a great multimedia experience. Come and join Growl Boys now to have the chance to enjoy this one of a kind experience!

Guys & Videos

The beautiful collection of gay porn models compiled by Growl Boys is indeed a sight to behold. The artists of this great website have successfully taught themselves how to use makeup and prosthetic similar to what big Hollywood productions have used before. Successfully transforming these lovely gay fuckers into the kind of creatures you may only ever see in gay furry toons. However, you won’t see any cheap animal masks or goofy fur-suits in here, their effects are astounding! Watch their compelling stories and lovely lovemaking sessions in full HD alongside multiple sets of high-resolution pictures that you may jerk off to.

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Growl Boys indeed offers a very unique approach on gay furry bareback porn. You can’t see what they offer anywhere else! It may not be the most prominent site just yet, given that it is still relatively new, but jump on the bandwagon now. Because I assure you that this site will be famous in the coming years. They have put a lot of thought into the texts, comics, and porn videos in each of the stories they are telling. Be a part of their community now as this site has the potential to redefine this fascinating niche entirely!


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