Hard Brit Lads Review

What Hard Brit Lads Offers


Brought to you by Simon Booth, the best porn director of all time, Hard Brit Lads is a gay premium porn site that brings you British porn that has been hosted under one platform. Inclusive of a collection of the best hardcore and erotica, the site has a good serving of sexy fellows who cannot wait to entertain you. Unlike many similar sites, Hard Brit Lads is special because it is daring, bold and instantly lures you into it at first glance. The male models that are featured here are generally of a rugged or bad boy nature. If any of this is appealing to you then there is everything to love about Hard Brit Lads.

Needless to say, many English men are uncut; therefore, the site focuses on bringing their sexual pleasures on a worldly platform. It is quite interesting to uncover what Hard Brit Lads is all about. The site promises you the best of exclusive moves, hard assets and a model index like you have never experienced before. As Hard Brit Lads does not want to leave you out of the loop with anything that goes on with these hunks, there is a blog and a forum that will always keep you updated. It is safe to say that all the promises are highly delivered and beyond your expectations, you will wonder why you have been passing up the choice to get to know that UK Lad who lives right around your corner. Their talent in the bedroom is really unspoken.

Top class, quality content is nothing new on this gay network including several different websites like Twinks In Shorts,  Bareback Twinks, Bear Films and more. Therefore, Hard Brit Lads will delightfully surprise you in both quality and quantity. Due to this, the site has skyrocketed to the best UK porn sites chart and it does not intend on slowing down anytime soon. As a professional site, there are many expertly produced videos. There is also plenty of wall to wall action without an annoying ad to be seen. There is nothing lukewarm about Hard Brit Lads, everything is hot, steamy, spicy and on point.

Membership will automatically enable you to enjoy the 300+ hardcore scenes where you will not see any cock that is below seven inches long. If this does not do it for you, then the sexy, bodies to match will keep you on edge every step of the way. The site does not only believe in the power of two, it diversifies into solo masturbation scenes. The videos can be enjoyed on quality settings which include multiple streaming and download options. This makes Hard Brit Lads very convenient to enjoy on a mobile phone or a full computer screen.

To top it off, all the videos embody the best HD quality. Think 5000k and 1080p… they are really entertaining and can be made sharper on the site’s in-browser. The model index is usually an important part of a site’s provision and Hard Brit Lads does not fail to represent its best in the best light. Highly interactive, you can gather more information on the sexy models on the index. However, bio information is also offered on some of the scenes.
It does not matter whether you are gay or straight, this site has a general appealing factor. The lithe bodies, butter-smooth skin and lengthy cocks that do not quit will not disappoint. Let’s continue on with the journey to see what else the site has in store for you.

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Design & Features

There are many elements of the site that come across throughout the index pages. Hard Brit Lads may be the best that I have ever seen as there is no element that falls out of place. Everything comes together beautifully to give you an interface that you cannot be able to resist. The sample shots are great and represent the high quality that the Hard Brit Lads is all about. They also give you a snippet of the sexy lads busy doing their dirty deeds. With each video comes a neat description that will let you know what the sexual encounters are all about. The upload dates, models in question and ratings are also crystal clear.

There are two major ways to stream the videos and both work exceptionally well on a steady connection. The streaming links will prompt you to choose between high-quality and low-quality videos. Depending on what you desire, you can make your ultimate choice here. There is also a functional thumbnail link to the gallery where you will equally be able to enjoy images that feature the 37 British models in super sexy action. Navigation is a simple process that will make your experience on the site one to behold.

Guys & Videos

Hard Brit Lads has a good mix of models; some portraying themselves as a little more experienced than others. They will take you on the best lustful ride. In efforts to maintain variety and diversity, the models also differ in their physical appearances. There are a good number of slender hotties while the site tries to throw some shorties into the mix. Either way, you will not regret relishing in what they have to offer. Their well-built physiques will tell you that most of these lads spend their time at the gym. Twinkies can also be spotted from scene to scene. Therefore, if you like good things in large proportions, you will not get tired of watching these hotties in action. I quickly gravitated forwards Paddy O’Brian and Harley Everett-my two favorite British Pornstars of all time. I also could not get enough of Steven Prior’s massive cock. They may lack in foreplay but they will show you good action in abundance.

The models are either busy jerking off and some want to dive right into the hardcore anal action. On a site of this nature, you will undoubtedly be treated to blowjobs and hardcore gags. Generally, the action takes place on different couches. Don’t mistake the lack of space for under performance. On the contrary, Matt Brooks and Jordan are maximizing the space on their couch to ensure that they derive the utmost pleasure from the experience.


The models on Hard Brit Lads are surely enjoyable. They bring entertainment and it is showcased in high-quality HD scenes, the videos do not leave anything to be desired. The impressive design of the site also shows that professionalism will manifest itself in all of the pages. As the videos have a sufficient run-time, you will never get bored because the action gets better by the minute. The site may take a good step of changing up some of its locations but even so, it still does a plenty decent job of bringing you the best.

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