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What Heavy On Hotties offers you


Great amateur porn site, Heavy On Hotties is an inspiring collection that will boost your confidence when it comes to sex. The main guy who films the hardcore scenes is a self-acclaimed average Joe, the kind that most sweethearts find unattractive. Having been sex-starved for years because of his looks, this guy decided to set up his own porn site where he invites the hottest European girls to have sex with him. He might not have a six-packed abs or a long and delicious cock, but you would be amazed to see how ladies enjoy getting fucked and played upon by him! If he can make it, why the hell can’t you?

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Design & Features

Heavy On Hotties is brought to you by a normal guy who has been dreaming of being a ladies’ man since he was a kid. He is not the typical macho type that girls have been running after, but his mind and his cock can certainly work like a fucking machine and several ladies will give up everything just to have sex with him! Yes, it is not an overstatement and you have to see it for yourself.

Most of the darlings that appear in his videos are amateur European models. They are a mix of slim hotties and BBWs. Our guy here loves to fuck pussies of all kinds, so occasionally you’ll see some horny cougars as well. As for an amateur porn producer, it’s amazing that this porn site now holds over 500 videos. The guy claims that he has already fucked over 300 darlings, and he has a memory of each session in full HD videos. How about that?

When Heavy On Hotties was first launched, members have only a download option. But thanks to changing times and technology, our guy here now offers streaming options. Each video can be enjoyed with a set of high-resolution images. Members can download everything in a Zip file.

To catch up with other premium porn sites, Heavy On Hotties worked on improving its official website as well. Today, it comes with an eye-candy layout and design, complete with a sorting tool, video page, and model index. It is also mobile-responsive so you can explicitly enjoy the content anytime and anywhere you are.

Girls & Videos

If you are looking for a break from the typical hardcore porn, then Heavy On Hotties will definitely appeal to you. This unique and original porn collection is not a product of famous porn networks. You might find it hard to believe, but all the works here can be attributed to a horny, chubby guy. He is the main actor and he is also the director, and you can only praise him for his excellent works. The models he gets to star in his videos are a mix of amateur and professional European porn actresses. The filming style comes decent at 720 and 1080p HD and each scene gives you a combination of hardcore and BDSM. And oh, he loves to reward his porn girlfriends with big facials!

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Have you always dreamed of fucking beautiful sweethearts and putting them under your cock’s mercy anytime you want? If the thought always crosses your mind and you believe that it can only happen in your fantasies, then you might want to visit Heavy On Hotties. This collection is a proof that all you need is a horny mind and body to turn your fantasies into realities!

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