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What Katie Thomas offers you


This pay porn website stars Katie Thomas, a petite brunette from Boise, Idaho. From the most recently added video to the oldest photo, you will not see one white guy. Katie makes her mark by fucking only black men, as this site will attest to. It seems to be that the only thing Katie loves more than a black dick is multiple black dicks, as many of her videos feature her with two or more black men at one time.
She takes all of them with a huge smile on her face, which is usually covered with cum in the time the video is over. While the site bears her name, she does not take on this lengthy journey alone. She often has other porn stars join her in her grandiose work. They all seem to love black dick just as much as Katie does, and beg for more and more, which they always get.

Design and Features

Accompanying each video are hundreds of photos of the shoot. The photos add a personal touch as Katie and friends pose and look directly into the camera, making you feel like she knows you personally and is doing it just because she knows how much you love to watch her. This site is set up, and reads, like it’s Katie’s personal diary. All of the video descriptions are written by Katie herself so they have a more personal feel to them.

She tells you how she knows the guy or where she met him, as she sometimes finds black guys on the street and fucks them, and gives you just enough information to intrigue you enough to where you have to watch the video so you can watch the story play out. This site is a shining beacon of acceptance and equality, mixed in with a lot of great interracial sex. Katie Thomas is doing what can only be described as great missionary work.

Girls and Videos

It’s simple, if you want more Katie Thomas all you have to do is click the ‘Join My Site’ button on her page. This will bring you to a page where you can tell them what username you would like to use, make a password, pay the membership fee, then Katie is all yours. They accept all major credit cards, payment directly from a checking account, EU Pay for all of Europe, and EU Debit for Australia, Germany and the Netherlands. For only $29.99 you can access this whole site for a month. If one month just isn’t enough, you can get a three month subscription for $16.66 a month. If even that won’t do, you can get membership for a year for the lowest price, $8.33 a month.

The Dogfart Network is made up of 22 different sites. These sites cover many niches, including; gloryhole, cougars, gangbangs and foot play. While satisfying all of these niches, they still stay true to their passion, which is interracial sex. One of those sites is Gloryhole, which has a collection of scenes of white women sucking, and riding, black dicks through a hole in a wall. These women scream and moan as they are assaulted and pleasured by faceless black cocks. If you’re into the reverse, you can go to Gloryhole Initiations, which is nothing but scenes of black women sucking their first white dicks through a hole in a wall. These girls will try anything once and usually find exactly what they’re looking for in these mysterious white dicks. There are also other sites that star one porn star, like Katie, such as; Spring Thomas, Candy Monroe, Ruth Blackwell and Barb Cummings. All of these women follow Katie’s lead and have sex with only black men.


Dogfart has been in the pornography industry for over 16 years. This means they’ve had quite some time to learn what it is people like and don’t like. Apparently they know a lot about what people like because in 2015 they were nominated for 3 AVN awards, including best interracial and best taboo sex movie. In those years they’ve complied over 4,600 scenes and 760,000 photos. Every single one of those scenes and photos are accessible to you the minute you sign up to the Katie Thomas premium website.

Just because they’ve been around for a long time doesn’t mean they’re stagnant, or stuck in their old ways. Dogfart has been able to keep up with the times, making all their content accessible not just through your desktop or laptop computer, but also smart phones and tablets. All of their videos are now shot in 1080p, giving their videos great quality and production value.

This site has been closed, check out this best interracial porn sites collection.


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