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What Lubed offers you


Dude, I just discovered this awesome premium porn website lately. I know you’ve been soul searching for some time now but let me tell you. I have finally found it! This website is called “Lubed”. I know you might not have heard of it yet, well that’s because they’re new in the business. But don’t let that stop you from checking it out. They have focused their efforts on the ALL-Wet kind of sex. Hey, if you’re new to this I’d be glad to explain. You might have noticed in some porn videos where the hot girls had their skin all shiny and glittery. Yeah, I know it’s a huge turn on seeing them like that. But the secret to those shiny stuff is a type of lubrication they call Lube.

This Porn website have all their models get fucked and rammed and drilled to the very deepest point of their pussies, all lubed up all over and even in places you never thought could be lubed. They also feature their scenes in various locations. Lubed isn’t for the faint of heart. You need to be those type of viewers that are into the hardcore, intense and fast type of audience. If you’re not, then good luck to you. If you are, then welcome to the finish line! This is the best pay porn site in our collection that could finally satisfy those hungers.

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Design & Features

When I visited their site, I couldn’t help but notice their impressive homepage GIF image. It’s literally covers a fourth of the entire homepage itself. I was awestruck seeing the girls in this image getting fucked and having tons of orgasms. Going to the models section, I was impressed by the number of girls they have. For a new site, this is pretty much a lot of girls. I also heard that these girls were hand-picked by choice. Well, I wouldn’t be surprised after seeing just how beautiful and sexy these girls are. I also appreciate the black theme this site chose for the audience. It gives a kind of nostalgic effect. Before I forget, I would also like to talk about the logo.

Knowing that this site invests a lot on wet and messy sex, it made a lot of sense for them to choose a logo that looks like a water droplet. Pretty simple yet witty. Homepage also shows the most recent porn videos that Lubed has just released. The site also releases new videos every 24 hours. That’s a pretty decent frequency for a new site. I can’t help but give my hats off to them to their website’s design and features. To top it off, the site is partly flash animation. So if you’re planning to tag a video as your favorite or to like it, they have this kind of pop up for you. So be sure to have a really good connection if ever you’ve decided to become a member for this site. This site really utilizes your browsers capability to give you a good quality navigation around their website.

Girls & Videos

The Girls here are nothing less than amazing. Lubed not only focused on wet and messy sex but all their videos are also hardcore! Who doesn’t love hardcore right? We all want that hardcore orgasm at the end of the road right? What’s amazing too is that all these girls are really asking for more of it. Even if you can see that slight throbbing feeling in their face, they would still endure and go past their limit and ask for more of that cock to get inside them. They’d do anything and mostly do threesome. These girls don’t mind if the cock goes inside from one pussy to another, then cums into their mouths. Seeing the fire in their eyes, they really want to get fucked. If you’re an avid porn viewer, you might also recognize their names. Lubed features a lot of popular porn stars like Adriana Chechik, Megan Rain and Keisha Grey and more.

When it comes to video quality and resolution, lubed didn’t spare one bit of their resources. They even installed several water proof cameras so you could get that splashing water in your face as much as you want. Oh did I mention that Lubed has the highest quality and resolution than any other porn website to date? Oh yes they do. They have in their hands the 4k Ultra HD resolution. This video quality can fit to any BIG SCREEN TV you could throw at it. But if you just want to settle for those basic HD resolutions, they have it to. 1080pMP4 HD, 720pMP4 HD, 480pWMV HD, and 720p. All these videos are available for download with no download cap. So you could just take all these videos and enjoy them as much as you want. They also have their shooting take place in all the wet places like Pools, bathrooms, marble rooms and even in the garden with a garden hose. As long as they get wet, any place is okay.

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This site has got something big going for it. I could not help but give a lot of positive points about it. In a very short time, they manage to rack up dozens of beautiful girls, with amazing sexual performance too. Try and watch some of their sample videos. I promise you’ll be awestruck by how much these girls could handle in front of the camera. I’m also shocked by how they were able to get that 4k Ultra HD. That’s a really big step up against their competitors. Lubed has really invested in the right choice by going for the Wet and Messy category. Most of their videos are threesomes but you don’t hear anyone complaining about that either. Their videos are also fresh and original; you won’t see their videos in any other free pornsite out there so that gives their members a lot of pride knowing the get what they paid for fairly. All in all, this site just took the number one place in its level.

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