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Orgy porn is a highly sought after porn, though it is difficult to get off the boot. This results in a porn where the models tend to fake the orgasms and ends up becoming messy. This tends to make the gangbang very boring and to a great extent, disgusting. Thankfully, this problem is not there in a reverse gangbang, but the credibility of having a (lucky) guy fuck 5-6 girls and chicks is generally underestimated.

The Lucky Man seems to have hit the bulls eye in the reverse gangbang genre. The site focuses on a niche porn that gives it a real edge over many other sites in this category, and that’s not all. The best thing that you can learn about The Lucky Man is the fact that you can get a two day long trial for absolutely free, with no obligation to pay for a subscription after the two days are complete as long as you cancel the trial! During this trial period, you can stream as many videos as you want to watch. This is more than enough time for you to decide whether paying for this site would be a good idea or not.

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Design & Features

When you open up the website the first thing that you might notice which sets it apart from other websites in its genre is the homepage. Instead of having dozens of porn videos squished onto the homepage making for a very cluttered look, you are going to see a half dozen of the best videos that the site has to offer. This results in a much neater look which makes the site a lot easier to navigate. There are plenty of places that you can go from the homepage. You can go to a list of videos, go to see what bonus sites you have gotten access to as a result of your paid subscription and there is even a store where you can buy great merchandise at really affordable prices.

You can view the videos streaming into your computer / laptop or mobile or download them. You have the option of downloading both videos and photographs to your system so that you can view them at your convenience later. One thing that really stands out about the site’s design is the four leaf clover motif and the green background. It is a rather risky move to have this four leaf clover plastered all across the site, but hats-off to the web designer who has got to make it work, creating a color scheme based entirely on shades of green to really bring the four leaf clover theme to life. In addition to the two-day free trial, you have the option of choosing monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions. The best way to subscribe to this site is to opt for the annual subscription, which allows you to save a huge chunk of money. Subscribing also provides you free access to 50 other sites in the Pornstar Network.

Girls & Videos

Porn is a lot more than just sex. There are a lot of other things that go into producing porn that would help you to enjoy the sex even more. The Lucky Man understands this, and creates content that will fulfill your expectations from the reverse gangbang genre. Each video involves one man seducing and then having sex with at least five women at the same time. The worshipful way in which these girls look at the man they are fucking is very hot indeed, and this really adds to the porn watching experience. The storylines primarily follow the fantasies of most men, fantasies where they can seduce multiple sexy women at the same time and have them beg for his cum. The best thing about these porn videos is that it never seems imposed or fake, rather you always get a sense that what you are watching is within the realms of possibility.

The chicks are ultra-sexy and give you the urge to see them fucked by the lucky guy. Their screams and moans are genuine and the chicks definitely seem to enjoy the guy fucking them. While the guy fucks one chick, the others are busy exploring the pussies, breasts and nipples of the other women, and tantalizingly yearning for the guy’s cock. This is sure to get you to strip and jerk off. Additionally, the porn is shot using very high end equipment, the lighting is top notch, and whenever you watch the videos you know that you are going to get something that is going to make your masturbation session as satisfying as it can possibly be.

Nice pay porn site for orgy videos.


The Lucky Man is definitely value for money because you get an annual subscription at a very low price, with access to another 50 sites in the Pornstar Network. Pornstar Network is rated one of the best adult entertainment network and consistently rated the number one network of porn sites on the internet. A great website that caters to your wildest fantasies of fucking 5 – 6 hottest chicks, this is what you get on The Lucky Man. The Lucky Man definitely has the ability to kick-start your journey into a genre that can drive your libido to great heights. Wonderful chicks with breasts that want you to grope, pussies that are thirsty to take your cock and nipples that are yearning to be sucked, you have it all. Add to the fact that The Lucky Man is fucking these girls is definitely going to make you kinky and horny.

Thanks to all of these reasons, deciding whether or not buying a subscription to this website, as well as all of the other partner sites, really should be a no brainer. You would be sure to sign up for the annual subscription. You get more porn than you know what to deal with, and each site has its own unique fetish or personality which means you are never going to get bored! So, get ahead, and sign up for this unique fetish of watching one guy satisfying the sexual urges of 5 – 6 amazing girls with the most beautiful assets and bodies. If you’re not sure you want to purchase a membership on this website take a look at our best pay porn sites list.

The Lucky Man Discounts

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