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What Men Bucket offers you


Like a fine wine, there is a lot of evidence out there to demonstrate that gay men just keep getting better and better with every year that passes. The Men Bucket site is a porn site dedicated to celebrating the sex lives of the older and mature men that we all love. You won’t find any twinks or athletic jocks on Men Bucket. Most of the guys on the site seem to be in their late 30s to early 40s. These are not guys who spend every waking moment in the gym – these are the guys that you probably work with, that you see at your garage, that have a drink in the bar after work. These are hot, older guys.

The range of locations and scenarios that are featured on the Men Bucket site are so diverse and comprehensive that there is no doubt that you will find something that gets your juices flowing. I particularly love having sex (or watching other guys have sex) in swimming pools or in water, so I was really pleased to see quite a number of videos on the Men Bucket site feature this scenario. So hot! There’s also quite a lot of videos that feature group sex – four or five hot older guys, getting together in an anonymous hotel room, getting it out and getting it on. That is one of my ultimate fantasies!

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Design & Features

Men Bucket delivers over 60,000 pictures and over 1,000 videos for your viewing pleasure. All amateur, all home-made, all submitted by horny older guys who want to show the world how they get it on and get off. You have to have signed up to one of the membership options in order to access the content on the Men Bucket site. There are three types of membership subscriptions available:

  • Thirty days $24.96
  • Ninety days $59.78
  • Three Hundred and Sixty Five days $99.95
  • Try Before You buy

Plus there is also a “Try Before You Buy” option – you still need to sign up for this but it gives you a limited trial period without any cost. This is a relatively niche site delivering you easy access to content that is not always easy to find, so that seems like a relatively reasonable price when you make a comparison to other porn sites available on the web.

Boys & Videos

The content on Men Bucket is all hardcore, horny action that has been submitted by everyday people. The guys that you are watching having sex – they’re the guys who filmed themselves and sent the video in so that everyone watching could share in their steamy encounter. I think that there is a bit of an exhibitionist in us all, wanting to play a starring role in our own porn film – Men Bucket lets you do exactly that. I have a secret fantasy that one day I’ll be watching Men Bucket and see someone I know – maybe the guy that services my car, or perhaps the guy that I am always eyeing off at the gym, or possibly even my boss! That would be surreal but also a complete and utter turn on (as well as a conversation starter at the office the next day).

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If you are into older guys, the more Mature guys, the silver fox, or the daddy figure, then Men Bucket is definitely worth checking out. As with all amateur content, some of the videos can be a bit hit and miss with the sound and the camera work, but that edgy realness somehow makes it all a bit more exciting, a bit more honest, and a total turn on.


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