Patients Revenge Review

What Patients Revenge offers you


Top HD BDSM porn, Patients Revenge brings you realistic femdom porn movies where gorgeous patients and doctors interact with one another in a mental hospital. The name of the collection is already a giveaway, you’ll find the nasty female patients completely degrading their doctors through BDSM acts. Notably, their insane actions serve as the aftermath of maltreatment. In the high-quality videos, you will see pretty much every form of sexual degradation you could ever think of in the name of femdom porn. From slapping, paddling, spitting, tying, relentless anal fucking, and face-sitting, you surely need a brave heart to finish one video. Really, this one is not crafted for the faint of heart.

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Design & Features

Patients Revenge’s official website boasts a not-so-usual yet well-structured layout. Its ease of use and functionality extends to a wide range of devices, including mobile phones and tablets, as well as compatibility with various web browsers. The simple design and neat presentation of the videos prove to be particularly advantageous especially if you don’t like crowded websites. The videos are showcased through visually captivating thumbnails that prominently display the models’ names, titles, and ratings. Currently, the size of the collection is not this site’s greatest asset, however, when it comes to quantity, you are looking at one of the best.

If you are a sucker for online streaming, then you’d be glad to know that Patients Revenge comes with an integrated Flash player. You have the flexibility to select your preferred resolution, download size, and playback format. Notably, the quality levels range from standard to super HD. Moreover, the enjoyable experience on Patients Revenge’s website comes completely ad-free! Notably, there are two options for membership, standard and premium. The first one grants you the privilege of downloading videos at resolutions of up to 1080. Meanwhile, the latter further enhances your experience by enabling both streaming and downloading of videos in stunning 4K resolution.

Girls & Videos

At Patients Revenge, you will find some of the most-watched BDSM porn performers like Charlotte Sartre, Amelia Dire, and Anastasia Rose. They are joined by many promising porn starlets who are keen to show off what they can do in the name of providing fans with the absolute kind of femdom entertainment. These girls definitely know how to get even, and they can get so mean that you can only stare at your screen in a combination of shock and amazement. They surely know how to vent their rage toward medical professionals who didn’t treat them right through ridiculous face-sitting, ass-rimming, anal feedings, and more! You’ll even find them using medical instruments that can give nothing but bittersweet pleasures.

Good porn website for BDSM and femdom videos


Patients Revenge is a femdom community with a very creative concept. Perhaps, it might remind you of another porn site, Assylum, where the setting is also a mental hospital. However, what makes the videos different is that the girls or patients are the ones who are in total control, regardless of their mental state. You will surely love their kinky ways of getting revenge. Probably, you’d even think never to mess with them!

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