Sapphix Review

What Sapphix Offers

Sapphix is the finest HD lesbian porn site that you will find on the internet today. There are tons of videos and photos that come in the best quality, ever. If you are already imagining how the cuties look like, stop it. You won’t be able to conjure the reality. The women are breathtakingly beautiful. Words cannot fully capture the real beauty that these models are endowed with. Some of the videos come in ultra HD quality that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Design & Features

The user interface on Sapphix is made to help members and visitors to get the most of what is offered with ease and convenience. The home page invited me to a host of tools that spoilt me for choice. I could sail straight to the action zone by clicking on any of the images splashed all over. I could also decide to go more methodical and use the drop down menu to choose a category and settle for the lesbian porn thrillers. Users can sort content based on the ratings of the models and videos or by the update information.

Each of the movies comes with date and time stamps. So it is also easy to enjoy your porn content on the site. Other ways that users can explore to access content include scrolling down the page and clicking on the tagged images drawn from the various scenes or checking out what they want by clicking on the pages. The page navigation tweak allows you to skip straight to the page you wish with ease. Users can stream and download content with ease because the site loads fast enough. I could also enjoy the porn content straight from my mobile phone.

Girls & Videos

The models are sexy, hot and gorgeous. You are treated to energetic and stylish girls in Ultra HD and HD, getting down in steamy lesbian cherry-sucking escapades that will raise every hair on your body and more. The girls caress each other’s boobs and flick nipples as their partners heave and moan with desire.

The sex happens spontaneously. Thus, you are likely to come across a scene in which a girl decides to give another some deep fingering in the kitchen, along the corridors, or on a car seat. You are treated to erotic scenes that gradually lead you to the real thing in which the girls kiss sensually and hump up with glee. The girls make sure that their most treasured endowments are well taken care of. Nothing feels better than checking out these models with cleanly shaven pussies, well- made long hair that runs all the way to their bum and their sexy hot lingerie. I was particularly carried away by the scenes that show a girl sucking another model’s nipples. The nipples pop up and turn pink, literally, as you watch.

There are over 2000 videos to savor on the site. The payback varies but on average they play for 27 minutes or so. If you are ticked by still pics of lesbian girls getting down at each other in a range of sex stunts, there are over 2080 galleries. Each of the sets contains over 90 pics.


Sapphix is a lesbian network site with four sites to explore at the moment. The girls are sexy hot. You are presented with arousing scenes of girl on girl encounters that will leave your cock as hard as a rock. The models mostly come from Europe. The user interface is friendly and functional too. The videos come in full HD and Ultra HD.

This website is no longer updated, you can visit our best lesbian porn sites selection.

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