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If amateurs are more your speed, check out Shy GF. This wonderful site is home to tons of shy girlfriends in the naughtiest, most candid action around. Tired of the same old scripted, half hearted porn scene? Shy GF is sure to refresh you with the shyest girls around in the hottest, most secret flicks and pics. The best part of Shy GF Porn? All of the content including all pictures and videos at Shy GF are one hundred percent original. You will not find any of the hot action this site has to offer anywhere else.

You can check out other top premium porn sites reviewed by our experts, but sadly you will not find sexy, coy girls doing things that nobody would have expected of them. If you want to refresh from the boring and traditional scenes that other premium porn sites have to offer, give Shy GF a shot. They have tons of different membership options and loads of other features that subscribers will take pleasure from. Shy Girlfriends Porn even has night camera action shots and movies for those who want a truly candid and shameless experience. For those who want a break from the same old, same old, Shy GF has plenty in store.

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Design & Features

There are multiple reasons to consider membership to Shy GF, but let us start with the basics. First of all, members have unlimited access to the entire collection of shy gals, secret movies, and sexy pics Shy Girlfriends Porn has in store. Members need not worry about spending too much time at the site or stress about how many videos they can watch in a day. Some premium porn sites limit and restrict the amount of content members can enjoy, but not this one. So members have unlimited access, but how big is the collection Shy GF has to offer? To answer the question without being too technical, tons.

Shy Girlfriends Porn has hundreds of photos and videos for members to enjoy, along with a rating system to keep the site organized. Members can vote for which scenes they like the best and which ones could use some work. If that is not enough to capture your attention, check out the submit your gf section. This section is devoted to enabled members to submit their own content for the site to review. If you have a sexy and shy girlfriend who looks dashing in a homemade scene you filmed, why not send it in and see what happens? Shy Girlfriends Porn is willing to offer both fame and fortune for videos that grasp a lot of attention. Along with those perks and benefits, the site also allows mobile integration for much of the content. Members can enjoy the site with a bevy of different devices, including most smartphones and tablets. If this is not enough to get your attention, why not check the site out yourself? A few minutes is guaranteed to help you make up your mind. If you decided you want to become a member, there is wonderful news for you.

Girls & Videos

The wonderful news mentioned earlier lies within the registration process. For those who have already experienced premium membership at other porn sites, then they will most likely understand the lengthy and excruciating process of signup. Shy GF, on the other hand, makes it very quick and easy to register. The only sections that need to be filled out are an email, password, username, and method of preferred payment. So let us say that you have scoped the place out, but are still unsure about making a huge commitment to a site. That is okay. The site offers a try before you buy program that costs $1 for two days of access.

This type of program is wonderful for those who want to give the site a shot before settling down on something more long term. For members who want to stick around a bit longer, the site has a few other options as well. The site has a month plan that costs $24.96 for 30 days. On the intermediate side of things, the site also has a three month long program that costs $59.78. This option is a wonderful selection for those who want a balanced combination of commitment and value. For those who want the best value the site has to offer, check out the year long plan. The final and most valued deal the site has offers an entire year of membership for only $99.95.

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Shy GF has its base in amateur action that most girls thought would never hit the internet. If you want to witness this sexy action, this site is for you. Shy GF has wonderful deals for those who want to become a member and tons of reasons to join. As the site says, “It’s not porn, it’s real.”

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