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What St Mackenzies offers you


Welcome to St Mackenzies, a institute for fresh naughty girls. There is no academic year at St Mackenzies so you can register to become a pupil anytime of the year. However, to be a student, you have to be really bad. You have to be ready to jump class and stay in the woods showing off your naked bodies to your friends. You have to be ready to stand up in class and do a strip tease for your friends. You can even throw itching powder down your friends’ clothes to make them take their clothes off. Don’t bother about the teachers and headmistress they are no better. They are just as naughty as the students if not worst.

St Mackenzies is a place you go to when you want to have fun. Even if you can’t join the girls on campus, you can watch them on the internet as they carry out their worst acts. You can watch them in class pretending to be good students while all the time they are playing with their pussies under the desk. Do you like watching institutegirls going really bad and dirty? Then you have to visit St Mackenzies to check out what these naughty pupils and teachers have been up to. Don’t worry about whether visitors are allowed in institute. They have a wider gate; their website.

Through their website, you can watch all what the pupils and their teachers have been doing while at institute. Don’t expect them to have been good because the only thing they know is to be bad girls. For you watching on the website, you will be so turned out by the schemes of these girls you may want to request to join the institute. Well fortunately for you, you can join the institute online by paying the membership fee. This will allow you access to all the classes and even the headmistress office and teachers quarters. You can stroll around the campus online and see all the pupils as they get sexy and real dirty.

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Design & Features

St Mackenzies is a beautiful institute and this can easily be seen from their clean and neat website. The website with its white background conveys to the visitor the idea that these girls are at institute learning. There are blackboards with students writing on them. The only problem in this institute is that most times the students are standing naked or half naked in front of the whole class writing on the blackboard.

The website is arranged like most other websites with a main menu at the top. The main menu comprises of tabs for home, pupils, teachers, updates and forum. On the pupils’ tabs, you will find all the students that are currently at the institute. You also get to meet the former students that have gone through the institute. The teacher tabs takes you to the teacher page where you meet all the teachers work at the institute currently. If you will like to know some of the teachers that have once taught at the institute, you can find the under the former teacher header on the teacher’s page. To know all the recent sex videos that have been added to the site, clicking on the update page will take you there. If you have something you will like to share with other member so the site, you can go to the forum tab where you will be taken to a page where you can leave your comments.

Girls & Videos

Since this is a institute, you will expect to find pupils. However, these are not your normal pupils as you know them. These pupils are simply dirty and they are always scheming for ways to show of skin and pussy. They don’t really like to be in class so they will create disorder just so they can be sent out of class so they can go the woods and pleasure themselves. You will find these pretty sexy girls in videos were they can hardly leave their clothes on. Take for example the sexy head girl Sophia Smith. In one of the videos, she is sitting on a bench with her skin tight skirts on as she admires the natural coloured nylon tights she has on. As she notices the teacher arrives, she stretches her legs and begins to admire them. She places one leg over the other and the nylon tights make a ruffling sound. Then suddenly she starts to take off her institute uniform. She bends over provocatively as she takes skirts, blouse and tights off. Before long she has taken everything of and is now stark naked.

The teachers also appear in videos where they are showing how bad and naughty they can be. Take for example Miss Hendrix. In one of the videos, she is in a sex education class with two students; Becky and Fawna. Fawna is very embarrassed but then her jaw drops when Miss Hendrix tells her that she used to be a stripper and that she will strip for them. As the Miss starts to strip, Fawna is so embarassed she confused on where to look.

The videos on the site are all HD so you can rest assured that you will be getting some very high quality content. There are over 1000 videos on the site that can be streamed directly online or downloaded. You can also watch live cam shows between the pupils and the teachers. But first you have to become a member to be able to gain full access.

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St Mackenzies institute for fresh girls is one institute that you want to watch out for. Behind the institute walls, a lot of dirty acts are going on. It is not only about naughty students; it is also about dirty sexy teachers who are only too happy to show the students how bad they can be. If you love to watch students and teachers tease each other in a not-so academic way, then register to become a member of the side. You can be sure you will be getting all the inside scoop of what goes on at St Mackenzies.

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