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What Take Van offers you


Take Van is definitely one of the most exciting pick up porn sites with reality hardcore HD videos in its collection. Fresh from the Czech Republic, these hardcore XXX scenes never fail to give you the best HD hardcore porn in town. The best thing about this site is they invest in state of the art technologies to give us hardcore porn videos that we will enjoy.

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Design & Features

The site is a very nice site, to begin with. It has all the necessary tools that are needed so that the users will have a convenient and hassle-free experience while they navigate it. The site is also designed to perform fast. I noticed that the pages are loading faster despite the large volume of high definition videos that the site contains. The appearance of the site is also very appealing. It is simple but not dull. It is dressed with a minimalistic design from the colors to the hooks and curves in the site. I like that the site has a dark theme in it, which symbolizes the black van that they use to pick up girls. It adds character to the site and distinguishes it from other hardcore sites out there. The logo of the site also kinda reminds me of the movie, “V for Vendetta”.

The top section of the site also contains large images of naked girls inside the pickup van. The site’s layout is very organized. I also like how the collection was presented and since the site does not upload photo sets, it is easier to manage the contents. The thumbnails that are on the site are also using crisp and clear screenshots from the scenes. By this, we can tell that the videos are super fine and high quality. We can also find interesting information about the scene. It comes with a video title, juicy enough to catch our attention; the pick-up information where we can see when and where the girl was picked up; the duration of the video so we will know how much time we are going to spend for the video; and a short description of the scene to give us an idea of what it is all about. You can find these things on the homepage of the site and in the scenes collection.

The homepage basically lets us see all the exciting things in Take Van. It is where we can take a peek of the models, the types of scenes and even the things that are coming up to the site. It is where we set our expectations. The scenes section, on the other hand, is where we can see all the full length pick up videos. They are arranged neatly across the page. If you click on the thumbnail, you will be redirected to a page with a flash player and from there, you can choose to stream the video or download it as an MP4 file. All the videos in Take Van are ultra HD, 1920×1080 to be exact. They are crisp and sharp videos taken inside the spacious pickup van. Aside from these 80 videos, the site also updates regularly so you can imagine the numbers increasing as time pass by. There are also bonus videos, which are not part of the “pick up van” sex scenes but these videos are interesting too! You can take a break and watch other porn scenes with these bonus videos. Or you can also use them while you wait for new uploads.

If you want, you can also surf through the network sites. However, they are not included in the membership payment so you cannot fully access them unless you pay for another site membership. This thing could be a bit discouraging but they are all excellent sites to explore. If you like Take Van, you will also like these sites for sure.

Girls & Videos

The models on this site are all amateur porn stars from the Czech Republic. These girls are not even trying to be hard porn stars, they just rose to fame with their exceptional skills in the videos. Most of the girls that I’ve seen are dark haired girls but there are also blondes in the selection. They come from different body types, slender, curvy and sexy. There’s a lot of variation here but they definitely can score even in these challenging backseat sex scenes. The girls don’t speak English, so all the videos are in Czech. If you don’t know the language, you probably wouldn’t understand a thing but I don’t think that is an issue. As they said, actions speak louder than words, right? Anyway, the scenes are intense and very passionate. I was amazed how they were able to pull off such an erotic and flawless act despite having limited space inside the van. I was also amazed how easily they were able to pick up these pretty girls.

The most popular scenes in the set are fucking in doggy style position because it is the most convenient position to do inside the van. The girls can easily get on their knees in the backseat while the male actor stands behind them and fuck them like crazy. There are also the classic things like pussy licking and cock sucking. There’s also enough room for a threesome inside the van. You surely can’t get enough of them.

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The site is probably one of my favorite sites. The videos that it offers are limitless despite the limited space that they have inside the van. It’s amazing to watch these actors get creative whenever they fuck each other. Also, the thought of fucking a stranger inside your van is also very interesting and most probably a bucket list for some. Although the site is not as low as other memberships I believe that you get what you paid for. It is totally worth it and I can’t wait to explore more on this site.

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