Top 5 Live Gay Cams

Top 5 Live Gay Cams

Recently I have become a little bit obsessed with top live gays cams porn. I am of course obsessed with porn in general, so I am always searching for something new, something a bit different, something a bit fresh that will get me excited and provide that little push that your sexual fantasies need. You see I really love jacking off – there is nothing that I like better than kicking back, getting naked, grabbing some lube, greasing up my cock and then slowly edging it for as long as possible while I watch some quality porn.

What I love about watching gay cam sex porn is that is live. There are a number of different sex cam sites that deliver this kind of porn to you, but the general principle is that you can log on, see which guys are currently live on camera, and then select the ones you want to watch. Generally you can choose to have your camera on so that people can watch you too or you can just be a silent watcher and get your fill of the horny boys that are happy to perform on screen for you. In this article we take a look at five of the best live gays cams websites where you can get the best live gay porn action going. What are you waiting for? Let’s get naked, grease up, and get jacking our cocks!

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1. Cameraboys

I love the Cameraboys live gay cams website for one reason and one reason only, the guys on this site are so fucking hot. There is a huge range of guys on this site – from the muscular, beefy types, to the more slender, athletic college guys who look like they are earning some extra cash in between classes. One of the great things is that you can put a star next to the guys that you know will deliver a good performance so that it saves you time next time that you log in. When you see one of your favourites online you know you can just go straight to their camera for some quality action. Some of my favourites on Cameraboys live gay cams are “SkinnyJustin” – he is a dancing, stripteasing twink who loves getting nasty. The great thing is that he likes getting nasty on camera so that we can all see him in action – that is my kind of guy. One of my other favourites goes by the tag-name of “sungodtt” – he is the kind of performer that you are quite happy to pay for a private show, I really love watching him finger his ass and he has huge cock too which is always a turn on.

2. ImLive

ImLive is a really high quality live gay cams porn site. It is easy to use, and simple to navigate. The guys on this site tend to be a little bit older and a bit more masculine – generally in their early thirties and with really great bodies that they have clearly been pounding in the gym. On ImLive I am a big fan of “NathanSpade” – he is a performer who loves being told what to do, it gives me a real thrill to type in “show me your ass” and he does it; type in “play with that dildo” and he does it – nothing beats an obedient porn star. One of my other favourites on the ImLive site is the performer “MonsterDickx”. Anyone that can live up to a tag name such as MonsterDickx has my undivided attention, and there is something incredibly hypnotic watching him work that massive piece of meat. I also really like “BennFoster1” – he’s got an amazing tan and a great smile, he reminds me a bit of some of the Brazilian guys I know – so hot and so uninhibited sexually that it is a real turn on. I love watching him oil up his body as he gets it all shiny and wet before starting to slowly jack his cock.

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3. WebCams

The Webcams web site has a couple of great features that are really useful. You can search the site by the “New Models” section. As much as I like returning time and time again to some of my favourite performers, there is always something thrilling and exciting to stumble on a fresh face, a new performer that you have not seen before. It is the anticipation, the expectation, the wondering what he will do – how big his cock will be, how far will he go, how will he respond to the messages and direction. This web site also offers a Life Sex Chat option that I really like – there is something incredibly horny about talking to other guys about sex, discussing the performers that are on screen, fantasising about what we would do to them if they were in your bedroom or if you met them at a sauna somewhere. This live gay cams web site also gives you a full menu of all the different performers that are registered with the site – so you can see their profiles even if they are offline. That way you can add them to your favourites list and keep track of them when they are online again.

4. Real Live Guys

Real Live Guys a very international live gay cams site that enables you to search the available models by the languages that they speak. Even if they do not speak English you can still watch them perform, somehow that seems to make it just a little bit hotter. The Spanish guys seem to be the best when it comes to getting down and dirty on camera – these guys are total sluts. They might not understand English but they certainly know how to jack their cock or ram a massive dildo up their willing asses. My favourite performer on this site is “Dhantex” – he is a twenty year old gay guy who always delivers an outstanding performance, starting off in his white underwear, slowly removing them until he is naked, lubing up his cock and playing with it until it is rock hard and then slowly and steadily jacking his cock. He never cums until he sticks his fingers up his ass and then that always tips him over the edge and has him shooting ropes of sticky white cum all over himself. So fucking hot. I always jack along with him and try to edge myself so that I can blow my load at about the same as him, but that guy has some serious staying power!

5. Chaturbate

You could be forgiven for thinking that this is going to be something like ChatRoulette, but it is just another version of the live gay cam sex porn sites that we love. Their tag line is “The act of masturbating while chatting online” – which is a reasonable definition just in case you ever want to use chaturbate in a sentence. I like it when you get two guys performing for you live on camera – it is like your own private sex show. “Hotcockslove” is a hot couple that always gives good action – a blond guy and a guy with dark hair. My absolute favourites on this site are the two performers that appear on the account called “Braianhotboyx”. I guess they’re a couple – they both have really nice big cocks that you want to get down on your knees and worship. But the thing that I love about these guys is that both have an elephant head tattooed above their cocks. I used to think that it must just be a temporary tattoo or something but now I am convinced that they have both gone out and got the same tattoo which makes it look like their cocks are elephant trunks – bizarre but strangely hot. They are not the most dynamic performers (there are better guys on this web site) but they get points just for being a bit cute and ridiculous.

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So whether you are a bit of an exhibitionist yourself, or if you just like watching other fooling around on camera and getting off for your pleasure, then you should consider diving into the world of live gay cam sex porn. It is exciting because it is absolutely live and you get to interact with the guys that you are watching – send them a message and watch them respond. Get excited when they message you back. Interact with other viewers who are also getting into the show that you are getting off to. Find your favourite performers and they will keep you coming back again and again. If you want to discover other kind of adult entertainment take a look at this pay porn sites list.

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