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This is one of the best adult pay sites in our list and has everything from striptease to fucking on a trampoline. The videos are all positive and they are all enjoying their escapade. The girls are not big breasted they for the most part are small breasted but they are all small in build, shoot for the greater, part they are all very small waist, some down right skinny but they are all pretty as far as their faces and they are all very healthy skin all very their bodies and they are enjoyable to look at.

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Design & Features

Some of the sex on Watch My GF is as innocent as girl on her webcam topless or a striptease all alone but it gets better and you will find girls that masturbate for you, they can suck their own tits and that to me was really hot and they use dildos and some are really big along with bananas and even some double fisting. They eat each others pussy, they suck dick, a lot of dick sucking going on and they fuck. They fuck a lot. They enjoy twosomes and threesomes and even some gangbanging.

There is some bondage for your pleasure and some odd stuff too like girls using their hair brushes and spin brush tooth brushes to masturbate and fuck themselves. The cock hardening lesbian threesome in bed does exactly what it is supposed to. It will harden your cock and make your pussy wet. It is a lot of fun to watch for the most part. Some are caught on security cameras in factories and classrooms and there are some who have no clue the camera is rolling in their own rooms when they get caught on tape masturbating.

Girls & Videos

The only thing I found on this porn site disappointing to me was that although I did find a lot of 2 guys and a girl I couldn’t find any double cock penetration on one girl, which is to say I could not see any two guys with there dicks in one girl at the same time. I couldn’t even find a cock fucking one hole while using a dildo in the other. This is something looked for by a lot of porn site addicts like myself and it could be added to bring in more members.

Watch My GF however does have a lot to offer and it does turn on your burner. I especially found the lesbian porn videos to be a big turn on especially the threesomes where there were three girls licking and fingering all at once and the ones with two girls and a guy. Although even with that it would have been nice to see more pussy being eaten while being fucked instead of so much dick being sucked instead. But remembering that this is a xxx site for the younger generation I have to say it does give a lot of choices.

Watch My GF is great for those just starting to make videos and watch them but I have to say it will leave you wanting more and you will want to try a lot of the stuff but if your older you may be a little more extreme than what you would see on Watch My GF. Do not get me wrong though it made me wet. I left the site and wrote this wanting to get off so its a good porn website I just could not call it a great one for my level of experience, but considering that with a membership you’ll get access to an entire porn network including 15+ sites it deserve a chance from all the porn lovers.

Watch My GF free video


This site is pretty decent on price. You can get a one day for only $1, sign up for 3 months for only $19.95 or you can sign up for a year and pay only $7.95 a month for the next 12 months and have all the access to these hot and horny video you want.

  • $1 porn pass
  • $27.95 month membership
  • $19.95 3 months membership
  • $0.67/day 1 year membership

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