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What Wives In Pantyhose Offers


Pantyhose’s may not be as much of a trend as it was years ago but one thing is for certain, that whoever wears it looks smoking hot with it. It emphasized on the smoothness and the tone of the legs which is the reason why it is called the miracle nylon. Now, what would complete the sexiness of the lingerie? It is women who pleasure themselves while wearing the seducing cloth. Wives In Pantyhose is a top lingerie porn site part of our review list, that will feature just about that, these are models who want to have fun with or without a dick and all that they have on is a pantyhose. This is one unique site for a specific fetish.

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Design and Features

Wives In Pantyhose is a premium porn site that is under Reality Kings, it showcases models from different backgrounds and different ethnicity that know how to please themselves in front of the camera. The site has thousands of high definition videos and hundreds of beautiful porn stars, professionals and amateurs.

All of their contents are updated regularly and can be downloaded and transferred to your gadgets such as MP4’s, Iphones, PSP’s, Android phones, Ipads and laptops, each video can also be converted into a different format like MOV, AVI and many others depending on what device you are going to use. Their models are also top tier, you can view the profile of the beauties once you log in on the site, they have busty ladies, ebonies, redheads, blondes, brunettes, Latina’s, Westerners and so many other girls that you can choose from once you sign up as a member of the site.
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Girls and Videos

This site has the best women in pantyhoses who are excellent in fingering themselves for the sake of the satisfaction of their audience as well as theirs. One video shows the beauty Lara who is down for having a good time, she wore a simple black panty hose with a lace on the waist and it is open where it is needed to be open, there is a massive hole where her pussy needs to be covered, although we all don’t want that. Lara then lay on the bed and started to rub her erect nipples and she started to rub her clit as she moaned in pleasure. As the camera focused in on her wet, pink pussy she slowly and carefully inserted her long, steady finger until it was knuckle deep, she whimpered as she pumped the finger in and out of her and just minutes later her juices began dripping, needing for a release she quickened her pace until she came right in front of the camera.

Lexi is just a typical housewife who does her usual routine inside her house but that is until she is left alone. She immediately strips and puts on a stocking that has straps on each side of the leg that connects to her sexy waist; she then gets comfortable in her bed and teases the viewers with her pink, shaved pussy. She got down on all fours and she rode her own fingers like it is a cock and she continued to pleasure herself until she came, all the time her ass and pussy is shown on the camera. Jackie is wearing an all-white lingerie like an angel, that is until she took her panty off that she showed her bad girl side, she slowly stripped while staring seductively at the camera until what was left was her stockings, she the spread her legs so wide the you can see her clit, she stretched the corners of her pussy and since it was already wet, you can see that I was drizzled in pre-cum. Her gorgeous, long fingers started sliding up and down her crack and clit until she slowly push it deeper with every stroke, you would know that she was feeling all hot and bothered when she started moaning with each stroke and letting her finger bury deeper and deeper into her drenching vagina. She was not able to hold it in any longer, she then pushed everything in and whimpered and jolted by the sudden rush of lust that took her over. She switched positions as to show everyone the progress of what she was doing, and when the time came her juices started spilling and she squirted real hard.

Satisfaction was evident on her face as she licked every last drop of cum on her hand. Tifany is a beautiful blonde that will definitely pass as a Victoria’s Secret model, she got the looks and she got the body too. If asked what her hobby is, it is that she loves to play with herself every chance she gets; she wears sexy lingerie and just pumps it for the viewers. Her perfectly round breast and pink nipples are to get cummed for. She stretches and poses for the camera in order for the audience to view her shaved pussy that is so wet; it was incredibly easy for her to finger herself. Squeaking sound, whimpering, and a couple of curses here and there and that one final shout that indicated that she reached maximum satisfaction, after a few seconds she was drenched in sweat and panting. Wives In Pantyhose has about 30 to 60 gorgeous girls while there are about hundreds of them under the Reality King network.


The website has been deletes, choose among other fetish premium porn sites to find wives in pantyhose.

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