X-Art Review

What X-Art offers you


I think I just found the best pay porn site there is in this collection. To all my fellows out there who’s been hungering for that one site that instills the hardcore and softcore of porn then this site is the one. I can totally and easily vouch for this site! It has really blown the lid off when it comes to fucking sessions between man and woman. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing them lustfully and passionately doing it for themselves! This site has gotten really really popular in the porn industry and now we’re about to understand why. I know you’ve seen a lot of their sample videos on many free porn sites.

So if you liked what you see, you haven’t seen nothing yet! This porn site is the true Opus of porn. The stars and the directors of X-art are talented beyond words after you see one of their full productions! Trust me when I say this. Every minute of each video is worth the watch! Do you remember those times where you watch a porn video and sometimes skip the parts to get to the good parts? Well I doubt you’d be doing that here in X-art. You’ll find your hands glued to that hotdog of yours and never on that forward button. Each scene was perfectly taken to satisfy your need. So sit back and relax as well dive inside X-art’s domain.

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Design & Features

The website is designed to make it easy for its members to move around. You won’t find complicated words or excessive hyperlinks on this one. You’ll simply see the link you like and click it. What amazes me is the creativeness of the links themselves. They really allow you to get up close and personal with the stars by giving them various profiles and interactive links. But I suppose the best feature they have is that they allow the members to follow and send private messages to their favorite models! If you’re fortunate, you’ll find the star you’ve been following dedicated a piece of her time to responding to your letter, and sometimes sends your personal photos as well. The closeness you get to the stars only makes you want to fall in love with them more and more.

The models by the way are exemplary when it comes to poses. Their profile selections page is literally covered with all these profiles for you to choose from. Honestly, I find it very hard to choose one, because every single actor looks so amazing that it took me a few minutes to warm up with one. The site also has this surprise called the kiss button. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m sure there’s something special in store for those who’d want to try it. The selections are arranged in four columns and dozens of pages to navigate through. To sum up the website’s design, it portrays a kind of artistic approach. Like the one you’ll see in an art gallery, however, the art you’ll be seeing here is the best art there ever was.

Girls & Videos

I’ve watched millions, or maybe even billions of porn videos in my years of existence, but I really have to admit. This site gave me the best ride of my life. The videos here, every single one has totally owned every video I’ve seen from every site I’ve been through, and to top it off, I did a little reflection as to why this site has the best porn videos. It’s because this site invests on the very art of sex. They don’t view sex as some simple fucking act. They truly appreciate and amplify its potential to satisfy the human soul. They know that you like hardcore, they know you like, kisses while fucking, they know you like to see women getting fucked so hard that they moan so loud, they know you also like foreplay being led by girls, they know you also love women having constant eye contact on the camera and more. So they gather all these things you love and give it to you ten times more intimate and hardcore.

They position the camera at that perfect angle where you could see the girls’ face as she’s being drilled down her pussy, they even sometimes give it a little blur at the right moments, they also give you the satisfaction of a hardcore climactic ending which gives you the best satisfaction at the end. About the video quality, it truly surpasses my expectations. It not only gives out high resolution videos, but four different formats as well. The videos number to about 900 plus with new video updates daily. The pictures are countless as well, it consists about dozens of galleries with 55 pictures per gallery. These pictures are not to be taken lightly. Trust me, these photos could have you masturbating like old magazines do. With all these, what else could you ask for?

X-Art free video and gallery


I conclude this site has everything a porn lover could ever ask for if you’re into straight porn. I would also recommend it for newbie porn lovers. It’s a good start when you’ve just started watching porn because it doesn’t contain those dirty stuff you see that kind of seem too much if you know what I mean. The website looks sexy too. With it’s cool color themes and columned arrangements of the pictures and videos makes the user feel like a professional porn viewer (if there ever was such a thing).

For an official paid site, this site is one you should totally become a member of. They don’t disappoint when it comes to video. Any porn reviewer could easily give this one a 10/10 rating. The girl’s emotions are clearly depicted in each video. From shy girl to a wild cat, this premium porn site has got anything you’d ask for. I also would like to mention again the nice profiles they have prepared for the members. Very sexy and attractive. If you like what you learned in this review, then I I’m glad I helped you out with your hunt.

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