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You had me at Straight Dudes!  You would be amazed at how many gay guys (okay, pretty much all of them) harbor a secret or not so secret ambition to “turn” a straight guy, to seduce them, to show them how good it can feel to get it on with another guy. There is also something about the situation that seems to appeal a lot to straight guys as well – no, seriously, a lot.  They seem to like the attention, the sexual tension, the flirting and teasing, and the eventual surrender when they give in to what they have really wanted the whole time.

What is great about the Watch Dudes website is that this is one of the world’s biggest website for amateur uploads of straight guys who are experiencing first hand some of their most private and vulnerable moments.  Hot, sexy, real life, next door dudes revealing a lot more than just their personality – we get to see every inch of their bodies, every inch of their muscles and every inch of their rock hard dripping cocks.

The content includes sexting, selfies, snapchat pics, phone vids, webcam action, boyfriend porn, private emails – you name, it is here on the Watch Dudes web site. Whether these dudes are just showing off their cocks, jerking with their buddies, or getting it on with some hot man-on-man action with a lucky gay guy, it is all here for your viewing pleasure.

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Design & Features

There is a heap of really great hot content on the Watch Dudes web site.  Whatever you are into, whenever you are ready for a bit of “me time”, scroll through the large range of videos available and find the straight guys that you want to see enjoy flirting with a gay guy, teasing a gay guy, experimenting with a gay guy, and getting their first taste of cock. If you want to Watch Dudes, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t, then you need to commit to one of the four types of membership subscription options offered by the web site.

  • Try Before You Buy membership
  • One month membership $24.96
  • Three month membership $59.78
  • Twelve month membership $99.95

Payment can be made by credit card. These are pretty reasonable prices when you consider the kind of unique and exclusive footage that you are getting access to, let’s be honest – what wouldn’t you give to get your hands on these straight guys!

Boys & Videos

This is not porn, this is real.  User generated and user submitted content.  Sure some of the sound and camera quality is a bit shaky but that makes it all feel very real, very authentic, and very very hot. The locations are all the kind of places that you expect to find straight guys up for a bit of fun – at the bar having a few too many drinks, at a house party where things get a bit out of hand, or lounging around by the pool, horsing around with their mates. My favorite straight guy fantasy is when they have had a few drinks and start to confess that they’ve always been a bit curious about what it would be like to make out with a guy – “let me show you!” I quickly volunteer.

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It is time to indulge some of your deepest fantasies – watch those straight dudes give in to temptation on the Watch Dudes website.  What could be hotter than watching a straight guy flirt, tease, experiment, and submit to the undeniable appeal of cock.

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