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FuckStudies is a one of the top 10 porn sites with nerd girls. Let’s admit it people. Everyone knows that fucking your tutor is the best fuck ever right? Seeing those glasses on her with those sweet juicy lips. The more she discusses the topic, the harder those pipes become right? So if that’s the kind of daydream you’ve been having or once had, well I’m here to tell you that it’s time to make it real!

FuckStudies is a premium porn site that features studying together is just an excuse to get a little fucking action. All these hot girls with their mature attitude, will soon be transformed into this wild and submissive woman that would just do anything possible to get those hard dicks inside her pussy. The backgrounds stories also vary. Sometimes it’s not always the tutored ones that gets the fuck, you’ll be surprised how many angles of the story this site will approach it from. But for starters, Angelica is really worth the watch. This also has bonuses and features that would leave you mouth gaped. With all the freebies this site’s giving away, making a decision whether this is the one or not, won’t be a hard decision to make.

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Design & Features

If you think this site is just another porn site you’ll see and ignore, think again, because once you’re a member, you get to have all 43 porn sites for free! Every single exclusive contents from the TeenMegaWorld network will be yours as well! Some of these sites are X Angels, Dirty Coach, Dirty Doctor, First BGG, Anal Angels, Squirting Virgin, Watch Me Fucked and Beauty Angels. These sites have their own unique fire in them, if you know what I mean. Just because they’re free bonus sites, doesn’t mean they aren’t stand-alones. These sites actually have their own membership plans, but since it’s being offered to you free, you should consider it an opportunity. I’ve taken the privilege of scanning some of its videos, and its premium contents are really fucking amazing I tell you.

Girls & Videos

If you want European nerd girls wearing glasses and teacher influenced uniforms, well, there are one thousand plus girls waiting for you in this site. I know the number is ridiculously big but that’s the truth. This site is also well known to its huge number of videos and girls. But quantity doesn’t mean losing quality, because every girl her is ready to suck cock wearing those glasses in a masterful performance. Seeing these girls getting seduced and seducing the guys are just amazing. Those luscious lips are very juicy and seeing it getting kissed and devoured by those huge dicks is pure satisfaction. The videos are also very high when it comes to quality. With more than four thousand videos and seven thousand gigs worth of content, this site just gets better and better. The photos also amount to more than seven hundred thousand photos, and all the videos are exclusive, so you’ll be sure to enjoy every bit of it!

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FuckStudies is a good porn site with membership that we have included in our list and that truly invests on the fantasy side of porn, and who says it can’t come true right? Seeing the moves in this site, you might actually learn a thing or two. The content and video quality is overly satisfying, and the website’s optimized navigation system makes it very easy for every user. Another reason to get this site is the enormous amount of free bonus premium sites. I mean, who can turn down an offer like that? 40+ free TeenMegaWorld sites are not something you can just ignore man.

Prices are low, especially if you opt for an annual membership

  • Access to the month: $ 29.95
  • 3 month access: $ 19.98/month (33% savings)
  • 12-month access: $ 99.95 (72% savings) $ 8.33/month
  • 2-day trial: $ 1.00

FuckStudies Discounts

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