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What Geek Girl Sex offers you


Geek Girl Sex is one of the best pay porn sites in our review list, that was launched in 2008 and is a part of the HD Porn Pass network, under the company Cyber Trend Inc. Geek Girl Sex is home to about sixty bespectacled beauties that present themselves as the conventional and customary geeks most people know of. In their scenic role plays, these hot geeky sluts pretend to be actual virgins and put out an air of innocence. As the camera keeps rolling though, you will notice a change of pace and these nerds will throw out those books and drop all pretenses that come along. These ladies then turn into foxy vixens, that are cock hungry, or in some instances, pussy hungry. These sex starved tramps will do it almost everywhere they deem orthodox. Places like libraries and work desks are popular, so are dormitories and the likes.

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Design & Features

If you wish to build up access to Geek Girl Sex, it’s pretty easy. You just need to sign up for a paid membership and there you have it, you are free to do whatever you desire in this haven that’s brimming with bifocal girls, noses hidden behind books. A trial version is also up for grabs for a bargain but you only get to use it for five days and trust me when I say, it will not be enough to cover the days that you’ll be spending inside this bespectacled paradise.

Once a member and you find yourself inside the anchorage that is Geek Girl Sex, you will almost immediately smell the sex, or in this instance, see the sex. You will see various thumbnails and as you click on these, they will fundamentally lead you straight to the video(s) it represents. Geek Girl Sex, although seemingly extensive by first sight, only has 30 videos in actuality. That’s not much and they only last for twelve minutes each. Indubitably though, you’ll notice that each video is a scene and is part of a full length film. Sadly, Geek Girl Sex and full length videos don’t mesh well as the latter doesn’t exist in their website.

What makes up for this is the video quality. Video quality is set for a stunning 1280 x 720 when being streamed in a Flash player online. It usually buffers for about 5 to 10 seconds, more if your internet connection is a total pussy. Streaming isn’t the only thing available too. You can download these videos in various formats like MP4, MPEG, WMV, or WMVHD. Download speeds may vary but they go for 1900 kb/s or 2000 kb/s most of the time. Resolutions will vary as well, depending on your choice; you get to choose between 1280 x 720, 720 x 480, or 960 x 540. Moving along, videos aren’t the only thing that tickled my fancy here as photo galleries are present too. These galleries contain around 140 photos each, some less, some more. The photos are hi res and they are taken by professionals – they capture these geeky but sultry harlots in their natural “habitats” and in their perfect nature.

Despite the lack of content, your membership won’t go in vain as Geek Girl Sex also has a huge network base. When you sign up as a member, you will be granted access to a lot more than you imagine. You will be able to enter other HD porn sites that belong to the Geek Girl Sex network. If that’s not a good deal, then I don’t know what is.

Girls & Videos

The girls of Geek Girl Sex are all gorgeous, dazzling, and ravishing. You are going to want to spoil them silly and give them what they desire. All the ladies are well built and they are exuding with the right amount (even more) of sex appeal just to appease you. Despite all the hype this very porn site is built upon, I’ll inform you right ahead that the porn is as simple as it can get. It’s pretty average despite the niche it covers but I personally love it.

The sexual acts caught on tape are mostly sucking, licking, anal, and fucking. There is also a lot of posing and masturbating included. Aside from the usual man to woman adventure, there are also loads of lesbian sex involved. Obviously, lesbian sex is way different than the norm. These ladies like to lick and finger each other, grope each other’s asses and insert all sorts of sex toys inside of themselves. I say that behind every glasses wearing geek, is a wild tramp itching to be played with.

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I love Geek Girl Sex as an entirety. The girls are beautiful, charming, and pretty delightful. The sense of a porn site is to appease your sexual desires so you don’t have to go around the corner and buy women to have sex with. Then again, that is your personal choice. As for me, I would rather sit on a chair and enjoy the many perks of having access to an all exclusive porn site, like Geek Girl Sex.

Overall, Geek Girl Sex has a really good video and photo quality. It makes up for the lack of content and juice in the website. Because the site itself does not support full length films, and instead chops them off into little scenes that last up to twelve minutes tops, the video quality makes the ordeal easier to bear. So now, I can enjoy the short hardcore scenes in a badass resolution. I won’t forget to mention that photo quality and sizes are the bomb too. Although you do have to be a little hardworking when it comes to saving them in your computer, your laptop, or your mobile. I assure you, it is worth the trouble.

Again, another thing that makes up for the very diminutive content on site, is the amount of free bonus sites that you are given access to. The sites that are available amounts to at least 60 HD sites that will not only nourish your venereal fascination and lust but also feed your lewdness and salacity. I would personally recommend Geek Girl Sex to those people who are fans of “geeky” damsels with a little twist now and then. Twists that include satisfying your very own sexual need. So go ahead and indulge, you deserve it and you will love it, I swear.

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