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Often, more than once, we get so tired of watching the same boring, vanilla sex, monotonous porn content. We mean, it is not the worst, but at times, it really would not hurt to see a little more. Practically every porn video has the same premise. It all begins with the girl, showing off her assets, her going down on the barely visible man, sucking his cock, and then getting fucked. Now we are not saying that this is the worst thing to watch. This is how regular fucking is. And we get that. But in today’s day and age with all the help we can get from sex toys and equipment’s, don’t you think the inclusion of that would not hurt a little?

Porn videos are basically fantasies that we would love to live but we know we cannot. Hence, we want to see wild things happening in these porn videos so that we have a good time. But where do you go in order to satisfy this thirst for such hardcore porn videos? Is there actually a website out there that will show some hardcore porn videos along with some hot and sexy models? Thankfully the answer is yes! And what you need to do is head to GGG Devot to see what we are talking about.

We are sure you may be curious about what is this GGG? No, it is not a replacement for the classic XXX to signify porn videos. GGG Devot is a website that belongs to John Thompson. For all of you who watch porn very regularly will be aware that the porn videos by John Thompson are not your average porn videos that you come across all the time. John Thompson is known for creating some of the real hardcore and nasty porn videos that you could have ever imagined. No, this is not just some anal fucking action or even some mouth gagging action. When we say hardcore, we actually mean hardcore.

On this website, you will watch girls getting fucked by not one, or two or even three guys. There is a whole lot of them here. And they really know how to get it on. You will see these men gangbanging this bitch. There is a whole lot of cum and piss in all these videos. Every girl is showered with some golden goodness. And not just showered but also made to drink all the golden juices. And these are not your classic American bitches. These are all German bitches that John Thompson has lined up for you. Every one of these women on this porn site is bound, gagged, fucked by several men, and used thoroughly. And all of this just especially for your viewing pleasure. These guys are so hardcore and the site contains some of the most hardcore scenes that you can watch.

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Design & Features

When you land on to their tour page, there only you will realize that the website itself is only and all about hardcore sex. They make this very clear right away. The theme they have gone for is very edgy and very intense. They really hit the mark very well. It is quite clear right from the start that John Thompson has spent a lot of money to create this website by hiring some of the most talented and creative set of designers money can buy. He also had a very clear vision as to what he wanted for the website before building it. And has managed to achieve this successfully upon completion. Even the colors they have chosen for this website are so strong.

They have opted for colors like black and red. Even as you read this, you know that these are very powerful colors and they manage to make things look very bold right away. And that is what it does to this website. All the porn content on this website looks even more hardcore because of the colors they have chosen. The tour page has a butt load of images showing off what kind of content they possess which we have fallen in love with. Overall, it is a fantastic layout and don’t we could have asked for more.

Girls & Videos

The best part of the review has now come. We should be talking about the bitches on this website. They are fucking hot and really know how to get down and dirty. Every video on this website is hardcore. For instance, you will find a bitch getting fucked in the mouth and in the ass while she is getting pissed on by several other guys. These men really gag this bitch and do not even give her the space to breathe.

Every minute of the video, her mouth is either filled with a thick cock, or some warm golden piss or some cum. She is made to deep throat no matter how hard she feels like gagging. No more plain and boring vanilla sex. All of them take some real rough sex and are gangbanged and used in a variety of ways. These women know very well how to be submissive and completely surrender themselves to the man and let them do whatever they want to do to her.

There are 39 videos on this website. It may seem less, but let us tell you that the average length of the videos on this website is about 80 minutes! That is clearly going to keep you very busy. Many of these videos are in full HD. You can stream them with the embedded flash player or can download them and add to your porn collection. The resolution of the HD videos is in 1920 x 1080 @ 4983 kbps.

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You are given access to many more websites when you sign up to this website. But that will clearly not be an issue with all the content they have. And mixed with the brilliant quality they offer, your hands will never get to see the light of the day because they will be down, between your trousers, satisfying your manhood.

GGG Devot Discounts

If you cherish what GGG Devot has to offer, you should be blessed to find out that we offer a token to get access to it, even though there are many other pornsites giving away valuable deals such as on you could have a huge GGG Devot discount.

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